Denied The Guru's Teachings


Jun 3, 2011
Denied the Guru's Teachings

The Guru's teachings, the shabad, are the ultimate source of illumination for Sikhs today. However, those born in the diaspora have a huge language barrier to contend with, on top of all the other factors acting to separate them from those teachings. In response to this, a day long event entitled 'In Pursuit of Knowledge' is being held this Sunday 11th to accompany the Golden Temple exhibition in London, aimed at helping people better access Gurbani. The event will be primarily in English.

The day will include the following 2 talks:

‘In the Beginning was the Word’
An overview of the incredibly diverse body of Sikh literature, from the spiritual poetry of Guru Nanak to the ballads of Guru Gobind Singh that inspired an empire, illustrated with rare and beautiful examples of Gurmukhi manuscripts. The speaker is Harminder Mann, an independent researcher and cataloguer of Sikh manuscripts based in Toronto, Canada.

‘The Sword of Knowledge’
A riveting examination of the fundamental concept of non-duality that lies at the heart of Sikh metaphysics, from the perspective of eighteenth-century saint-scholars. The speaker is Tirath Singh Nirmala, an initiated member of the Nirmala Sampradaya (the order of saint-scholars formalised by Guru Gobind Singh) and an author of two commentaries on classical Sikh texts.

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Jun 17, 2004
admin note:

I leave this here in the spirit of Sikhi ... as the Nirmala are an old tradition within our history and experience. However, I feel required to note that Nirmala historically have given liturgical importance to traditions of the Vedas and engage in practices that run contrary to Sikh Rehat Maryada and the teachings of SGGS. I will not harp on this unless I must.

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