Canada Demonstation During Giani Gurbachan Singh's Visit To Surrey, BC

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Chaan Pardesi

Oct 5, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur
This news article was found in Punjabi.I pasted it, but page copy rights protecion has not allowed it to come through.I will try and translate it into English, when I have some time.

It basically informs that during the Jathedars's visit to the Surrey Gurduara, many Sikhs walked out of his function.There were accusations of the Sikh faith now tilting towards a narrow frame work of extremist pratice and thinking that is becomming very narrow minded.

A most humiliating incident occured when he was honoured at the Alberta Assembly, and someone asked him what the the population of the Sikhs was in the world,in English, he stood there gobsmacked and gaping at the person and unable to answer this simple question.Manpreet Bhullar an MLA had to come to his rescue and translate, even then he was incapable of answering that simple question.

Is it not just most humiliating that the so called head of the Sikh world is unable to answer in simple English to communicate with the rest of the world!I wonder if he at all know just what the current estimated Sikh population is in Punjab , India and the rest of the world.

It is not hard to guess what the state of such community is and going to be at the rate it is running any body's guess where we will be led by such people.Someone said, it is a case of the community of Lions being led by die hard donkeys!But, I think we are being being led by the donkeys with their musings covering our eyes each time we see ....

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