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Define Religion ?


Aug 19, 2004
Religion Means Differently To Different People.

Dear members,
RELIGION is a much complicated word than it sounds.. it has different meanings to diferent people.
for example :
--->to a 3rd-4th generation priest in any religion it is a faimly tradition and a profession in the blood stream as it follows.
--->to senior citizens it is a social thing and something better to do while counting back the days left.
--->to enterprenuers (some of them) it is a source to save huge taxes by making donations.
--->to some rich people it is the means of gaining prosperity by aranging social functions and stuff in the society they live in.
--->to the poor it is hope and perhaps the last option to feed empty stomach is a temple,also a full time occupation to some(beggers)
--->to the working middle class it is probably a vacation spot.. go to temples on holidays which are famous piligrims.
--->to the learned it is a matter of study and debate as many of us do...
--->to the uneducated it is the only source of knowledge and the only one they can possess sometimes.
--->to politicians it means strong supports and vote banks and wasy propoganda.
--->to a nation it means another division of people amongst it.
--->to a laymen religion means almost all these things combined.

but again i wasnt here to display all these views i was here to show my views on how to define religion but the above was necessary coz i m a part of everythign mentioned above or vice-versa.

"RELIGION" according to me can be defined as " a code of conduct , a system made by some intelligant people in thier times , a guide book from which are born infants like culture and traditions,for a particular mass of people of how to live a life in a civilised manner and a way that the society to the whole prospers and lives happily ever after just like a fairytale"

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