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Dalai Lama’s Lessons For New Grads On Global Responsibility And Compassion


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Dalai Lama’s Lessons for New Grads on Global Responsibility and Compassion
Andrea Huspeni


Who better to provide inspiration than His Holiness the Dalai Lama? After 12-years of working with Tulane University’s School of Social Work, the Spiritual Leader of Tibet took to the school’s stage this past Saturday to address the class of 2013.

Speaking of living life with meaning and helping others, the Dalai Lama told graduates it is up to them to make the world a better place and erase the violence previous generations have bestowed upon them.

“Please think about how to make this a more peaceful, compassionate century,” he says.


1. To solve problems together, we need trust.
I have observed that many of the problems we face today are of our own creation. Because we created them, we must also have the ability to reduce or overcome them. One individual cannot solve these things. We are social animals, we need friends.

Cooperation not only with your own community but also on a global level is needed. And the basis of cooperation is trust and friendship.

2. Focus on hope and your inner value.
Our existence is very much based on hope. There is no guarantee our future will be something good. Hope means something good, something better. Once you lose hope, you become completely demoralized.

Everyone wants a happy life, happy family and happy community. Real happiness has a lot do with our emotion, not money. Pay attention to your inner value. Then, your brain and warm heartedness will come together.

Our hopes for the future rest on your shoulders. Please think seriously about how to build a happy and peaceful century.

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3. Commit to helping others on a global scale.
Biologically, we are equipped to be affectionate. We are a social animal and need to consider others’ wellbeing. Education gives us a good preparation, but it is by actually putting it to use in the service of others that we make our lives meaningful.

Please think on a more global level. Try to create a more peaceful, more compassionate world by taking into account the welfare of others.

To create a sense of global responsibility, it is extremely important to develop the concept of oneness of humanity. If seven billion people are happy and the environment is positive, then everyone gets benefits.

What are your recommendations for putting the Dalai Lama’s words into action? Let us know in the comments below.
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