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Daisy Girl - A New Kind Of Apple

Inderjeet Kaur

Oct 13, 2011
Seattle, Washington, USA

Today, along with the usual frozen dinners, my Meals-On-Wheels delivery included a bag of produce. As well as plums, lettuce, and various chilies was a type of apple I had never heard of before, Daisy Girl, organic no less. I cut it into quarters and cored it, no easy task with only one useful hand. It was worth the effort. The apple was crisp, sweet and juicy, one of the best I've eaten. Although the texture was perfect for pie, it was far too sweet for cooking but perfect for eating. It would make a perfect applesauce, no sweetening necessary. I highly recommend this one for taste and texture. However, if you get one that isn't organic, you'll have to peel it if you don't want the benefit of eating Round-Up residue, yech!

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