General Cousin Love Marriage In Sikhi

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Oct 9, 2012
ssa to all of you there!
I want to discuss that my friend and i am from sikh jatt communityand we live in india! My friend is in love with his cousin (mom's real brother's daughter) and they love each other so much, they have strong feelings for each other and have great understanding between them, but as we know cousins are treated as brother-sister in our culture and their family members are not going to approve their relation but they are serious about each other!
I want to request all of u there to please give your valuable suggestion about this.
I want to add that according to me, i think their family members should approve their love so that they can life a happy life. I am also aware about the other side of this marriage, as we all know we live in such a society where respect of parents is bigger than their children's happiness. And i also know a cousin couple have a great understanding between them as compare to any other couple. I am not in the favor of doing marriages among cousins but if some cousins get fall in love seriously their relation should be approve with respect.
That's my opinion about this, i want to know your opinions also !
Thanks to all!
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