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    General Cousin Love Marriage In Sikhi

    ssa to all of you there! I want to discuss that my friend and i am from sikh jatt communityand we live in india! My friend is in love with his cousin (mom's real brother's daughter) and they love each other so much, they have strong feelings for each other and have great understanding between...
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    Want To Marry With Cousin

    I want to marry with my mother's real brother's daughter? We are in love since our childhood, we want to marry with each other, is it legal? What will we do? coz our family members wont accept our relation!
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    Politics Badal Vs Badal

    Badal vs Badal Vipin Pubby - The Indian Express - Thu Oct 14, 2010 They share the same surname, and were born in the same year — even the same month. But beyond that, Manpreet Badal and Sukhbir Singh Badal have little in common, reports Vipin Pubby Sukhbir Singh Badal It was clear from...
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    Wanted: Punjabi Fiancée With A Canadian Cousin

    Wanted: Punjabi fiancée with a Canadian cousin STAFF REPORTER The ads, mostly in Punjabi, are short and snappy. Jat Sikh Canadian immigrant boy 29, 5'3" seeks an Indian educated girl. Only those families should contact who can provide Canadian matrimonial alliance for his...