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Court lifts ban on carrying kirpan at US gurdwara
Tribune News Service

Amritsar, January 18

A local court in Rochester (USA) has lifted the ban on carrying a kirpan into the Gurdwara Sahib Rochester almost six months after it was imposed in view of some a bid by some persons to take control over the gurdwara.

Talking to The Tribune on phone from the USA, Bhupinder Singh Boparai of Sikh Cultural Society, Richmond Hill, US, and Mukhtiar Singh Ghuman said a committee is managing the affairs of the gurdwara, which is spread over 8 acres of land, for the past 35 years. The committee comprises some Sehajdhari Sikhs. “However, two local residents began creating trouble in June last year, contending that no Sehajdhari Sikh should be at the helm of affairs and they should be given the charge of the gurdwara. They also abused the committee members in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib, videos of which were also presented before the court.”

Apprehending that the duo may spell some trouble in the gurdwara, the committee had approached a local court, seeking a ban on carrying the kirpan, measuring three feet and more, inside the gurdwara. However, the court imposed the ban on the kirpan of all sizes, they added.

Boparai said the court has now lifted the ban on six-inch kirpan while allowing bigger kirpans on special occasions like weddings.

However, the court has banned the families of those two “trouble makers” from visiting the gurdwara.

The Akal Takht had formed a panel to sort out the issue. Boparai and Ghuman were the members of this panel. Apart from them, Harbans Singh Dhillon, Balwinder Singh Cheema, Daljeet Singh Dhillon and Baldev Singh Grewal also made efforts in getting the ban lifted.
PLEASE NOTE BAN ON KIRPAN IS NOT LIFTED. THIS NEWS IS FALSE NEWS SPREAD BY THE GURDWARA TRUSTEES. Bhupinder Singh Boparai of Sikh Cultural Society, Richmond Hill, US, and Mukhtiar Singh Ghuman went on their own. Baldev Singh Grewal is note even a member of the committie established by Akal Takhat. Akal Takhat made a committiee of 15 people these 2-3 people went without the knowlege of the coordinator, Master Mohinder Singh, of the Akal Takhat Committie and of of any other member and Boprai published what ever the Masands told them. Why they did that, is a question yet to be found out. The Ban on Kirpan still exsits and the Masands themselves had the Kirpan banned completely. They have turned the Gurdwara as their own property and the court has been granting them what they asked for. First they asked a complete ban and it was granted. Then the Sikh Sangat Protested and they were forced to go back to court and they allowed up to six inch Kirpan which still exists. Even if Jathedar has to come into the Gurdwara with a Kirpan larger than 6 inches a permission is needed by the General Secretary as per the court.

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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
They are trying to LIMIT the SIZE of the Kirpan to 3inches or smaller. This size limitation is not acceptable...of course and they know it...trying to make do with a rotten mess they got themsleves into by banning it..
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