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Controversial Controversial Birs Were Published In Mumbai


1947-2014 (Archived)
by I P Singh

PHAGWARA: The privately published 'birs' of Guru Granth Sahib, using goldenriched ink, which have created a lot of controversy and acrimony between SGPC and Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Managing Committee(DSGMC) because of the printing mistakes, were published in Mumbai and a Ludhiana-based printer had managed the job. Each 'bir' cost around Rs 2 lakh.

The revelation has come from Manbir Singh Johal, who has been associated along with his father Sulakhan Singh Singh Johal for getting these 'birs' printed for a UK-based NRI.

He has also claimed that they were printed with "verbal consent" from SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar, even as latter had denied that he had given his nod. "These 'birs' were sent to gurdwaras by the SGPC people and after it was found out that there were still some mistakes these were withdrawn by the SGPC," he claimed further.

"But all this was done out of devotion only. NRI Surinder Singh Dhesi had a reverential wish to present the gold-printed 'birs' at five Takhats. But he was told by Makkar that this was not possible," Manbir has said while speaking to TOI. Dhesi had seen gold-lettered 'birs' in UK which inspired him to present such Birs at the five Takhts," he said.

Manbir's name figures in the complaint given by the SAD (Delhi) to Jalandhar (rural) police along with his father Sulkahn Johal, Makkar and a Ludhianabased printer, but he said "we did no wrong". "A printer based at Fountain Chowk in Ludhiana was engaged and he got the job done from a Mumbai-based printer as other private publishers here either did not have the required set up or they had refused on the ground that an Act passed in 2008 banned private publishing of 'birs'," he said. "After printing these they were handed over to the SGPC and Makkar constituted a committee to examine the 'birs' and they found some deficiencies," he has said



1947-2014 (Archived)


Seriously I believe having Gold lettered Bir doesn't help. And since it is Gold, less Sikhs would be given Darshan and allowed to read the Bir. All the while person thinking he has done 'Sewa'. Many would say they are trying to provide the best sewa to Guru. I think the Guru doesn't need worldly things, the best sewa a Sikh can do is by being BEST SIKH of Guru!

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
OUR LOCAL GURDWARA has five huge domes all painted in Gold COLOUR..not real gold !!

2. Makkar is not coming clean..the Printer is in LUDHIANA...and Makkar is from LUDHIANNA..it shoudl be easy to connect the dots...

3. WHY was the FIVE TAKHAT idea discarded ?? is it because the birs are DEFECTIVE ??..not good enough for TAKHAT..but good enough for ordinary Gurdwaras...anyway if one wants to palm off COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY..its easier to do it in the Rural areas..small shopkeepers...small "Gurdwaras" !!!

Thsi enitre episode is so Fishy...it stinks to high heaven...BTW THIS is the Exact same "way" adulterated birs/altered birs/ etc were introduced into SIKHI,,,these Five Birs had BLANK PAGES so conveneiently left ....( maybe for adding in spurious banis a few decades down the line..who knows ??)

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