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Confusion Over AM-PM Saves Woman From Air Crash


Apr 3, 2005
Confusion over AM-PM saves woman from air crash
May 22, 2010 23:08 IST

She was originally scheduled to board the ill-fated Air India Express plane bound for Mangalore.

But, Thresiamma Philip, a Keralite who currently lives in Dubai, was saved by a stroke of luck as she got the timing of the flight wrong.

A visibly relieved Philip, who was planning to meet her children in Mangalore, said she could not believe that such a miracle had taken place.

"I was booked on the Air India Express flight that was scheduled to depart at 1.15 am from Dubai. But I thought my flight was at 1.15 pm. The confusion over AM and PM saved my life," she told a television channel over phone from Dubai.

Philip came to know that she had missed her flight only after she read online that an Air India plane has crashlanded near Mangalore.

Only after reading the news item, she checked her ticket and found that she was one of the passengers of the ill-fated plane and was lucky enough to miss the flight, albeit my mistake.

"It is a miracle... I think only God saved me from this incident. I still cannot believe..." she said.

Philip usually takes an Air India flight to Mangalore twice a year to meet her children in Mangalore and then to her native place in Kerala .
"Every time I go to Kerala, I go via Mangalore, because my children are there...This time... I am happy and I can't believe... I am thankful to God," she said.
Aug 6, 2006
When waheguru ji has to save someone he create such confusions which proves to be a ne life disguised in confusions. " Waheguru , dhan waheguru"
Aug 6, 2006
Just adding little more to my earlier post. Just think about the persons we havw survived after the crash, it seems they are much more lucky than Thresiamma Philip.
Thats when our heads bows to the almighty.
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