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Malaysia Community Mourns Death Of Johns Creek [SIKH] Family

Chaan Pardesi


Johns Creek police are expected to release more information Tuesday about the apparent murder-suicide in the northern suburb that left four people dead.

Officials with the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office identified the victims as Shindiver Grover, his wife Damanjit, and their two sons – 12-year-old Sartaj and 5-year-old Gurtej.

Friends gathered at their Sikh Gurdwara, a place of worship, in Roswell on Monday to mourn. Many don't believe it was a murder-suicide.

"It is very hard to believe," one leader said at the gathering. "It's a big loss, it's even harder to accept to such a nice loving family."

Johns Creek police said a friend of the deceased woman called police Monday morning, worried about the family because the woman had not reported to work.

When officers arrived at the apartment on Abbotts Bridge Road around 11:30 a.m., they said they found the four bodies in the first-floor apartment.

Police are not releasing much information, except to say the crime has shaken even veteran investigators.

"It's throughout the apartment. It's a rather complicated crime scene as we go through it. We are going to be here for hours," said Johns Creek police Chief Ed Densmore.

Stunned neighbors watched police work Monday afternoon, recounting pleasant encounters with the family and remembering how the father would frequently walk his sons to the bus stop.

"With the family values we have in India, with two small kids, I mean, nobody can hurt their own children," said neighbor Bashir Farishda.


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Tejwant Singh

This info is from Atlanta and someone who knows the family. The husband killed the wife and the kids with some blunt object and then hanged himself. The blood was splattered all over. It is sad indeed. We will come to know what happened from the Police but the real reason/s will be nothing but many speculations.

Chaan Pardesi

Life has many stresses these days.Sometime sindividuals are uanble to cope .Sometimes suddenly they loose the job in the uncertain market these days, and it seems all the problems mount up up.

Recently, my company decided to shift all the staff about 70 miles away,among the 15 that refused to go, I was one, we all were dismissed as we refused to go and they had offered alternative.

One of the guys, has landed in a mental unit.I can understand why.Another 8 on verge of loosing their homes as they were already behind with mortgage.What else goes on we will never know in people.

I guess I was more lucky ,I had retired from Government service with a reasonable pension , plus a small business that my wife runs.So I was not exactly in their position.But I can feel what it must be like.

I stopped and looked at all my monthly expenses and decided that since no other income is comming in, I will cut back on my personal espanses for a while.I can still inject a thousand pounds into my pension account from my savings and still live comfortably for two or more years when my state pension kicks in and adds substantial amount monthly.

But most are not that 'lucky'.The rest is up to Guru Ji, and only his naam can give the comfort that sometimes we humans feel we need in times of crises.Since then, I have injected a new plea in my ardas ''...hey Gobind , hey Gopal hey dayal lal,praanath anaath sakhe din nivaar hey samrtah agam pooran moh maiya dhaar andkup maha bhiiaan Nanak paar utaar....''

This family may have been victims of racial harrasment and bullying, perhaps financial difficulties, perhaps isolation from their community and relatives, we will never know wny..but for a Gursikh to take life in such a manner, is very sad and not the sikh way.Sikhs have always stood to more odds than any ordianry person, as we remeber our sahibzade and Guru Gobind Singh and his stand against the odds of the mughals...sadly perhaps this person forgot to recall that....whatever, we will never know the truth, but we can all say an ardas for this family and other sikhs who may be in difficulties, to never take this way ever again and come out with chardhi kala....Guru sumat bakshe sabh nu...may Guru Ji's ardas bless them, even in this sad hour.

These days ....stresses are too high and we need Guru Ji more.

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