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Cleansing The Body & Mind !

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by Archived_Member16, May 8, 2006.

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Sorath on Pannaa 611

    soriT mhlw 5 ]
    kir iesnwnu ismir pRBu Apnw mn qn Bey Arogw ]
    koit ibGn lwQy pRB srxw pRgty Bly sMjogw ]1]
    pRB bwxI sbdu suBwiKAw ]
    gwvhu suxhu pVhu inq BweI gur pUrY qU rwiKAw ] rhwau ]
    swcw swihbu Aimiq vfweI Bgiq vCl dieAwlw ]
    sMqw kI pYj rKdw AwieAw Awid ibrdu pRiqpwlw ]2]
    hir AMimRq nwmu Bojnu inq BuMchu srb vylw muiK pwvhu ]
    jrw mrw qwpu sBu nwTw gux goibMd inq gwvhu ]3]
    suxI Ardwis suAwmI myrY srb klw bix AweI ]
    pRgt BeI sgly jug AMqir gur nwnk kI vifAweI ]4]11]

    sorat(h) mehalaa 5 ||
    kar eisanaan simar prabh apanaa man than bheae arogaa ||
    kott bighan laathhae prabh saranaa pragattae bhalae sa(n)jogaa ||1||
    prabh baanee sabadh subhaakhiaa ||
    gaavahu sunahu parrahu nith bhaaee gur poorai thoo raakhiaa || rehaao ||
    saachaa saahib amith vaddaaee bhagath vashhal dhaeiaalaa ||
    sa(n)thaa kee paij rakhadhaa aaeiaa aadh biradh prathipaalaa ||2||
    har a(n)mrith naam bhojan nith bhu(n)chahu sarab vaelaa mukh paavahu ||
    jaraa maraa thaap sabh naat(h)aa gun gobi(n)dh nith gaavahu ||3||
    sunee aradhaas suaamee maerai sarab kalaa ban aaee ||
    pragatt bhee sagalae jug a(n)thar gur naanak kee vaddiaaee ||4||11||

    Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl:
    After taking your cleansing bath, remember your God in meditation, and your mind and body shall be free of disease.
    Millions of obstacles are removed, in the Sanctuary of God, and good fortune dawns. ||1||
    The Word of God's Bani, and His Shabad, are the best utterances.
    So constantly sing them, listen to them, and read them, O Siblings of Destiny, and the Perfect Guru shall save you. ||Pause||
    The glorious greatness of the True Lord is immeasurable; the Merciful Lord is the Lover of His devotees.
    He has preserved the honor of His Saints; from the very beginning of time, His Nature is to cherish them. ||2||
    So eat the Ambrosial Name of the Lord as your food; put it into your mouth at all times.
    The pains of old age and death shall all depart, when you constantly sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe. ||3||
    My Lord and Master has heard my prayer, and all my affairs have been resolved.
    The glorious greatness of Guru Nanak is manifest, throughout all the ages. ||4||11||


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