Chanting The NAAM & Hearing The WORD !

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 295

Kym sWiq iriD nv iniD ]
buiD igAwnu srb qh isiD ]
ibidAw qpu jogu pRB iDAwnu ]
igAwnu sRyst aUqm iesnwnu ]
cwir pdwrQ kml pRgws ]
sB kY miD sgl qy audws ]
suMdru cquru qq kw byqw ]
smdrsI eyk idRstyqw ]
ieh Pl iqsu jn kY muiK Bny ] gur nwnk nwm bcn min suny ]6]

khaem saa(n)th ridhh nav nidhh ||
budhh giaan sarab theh sidhh ||
bidhiaa thap jog prabh dhhiaan ||
giaan sraesatt ootham eisanaan ||
chaar padhaarathh kamal pragaas ||
sabh kai madhh sagal thae oudhaas ||
su(n)dhar chathur thath kaa baethaa ||
samadharasee eaek dhrisattaethaa ||
eih fal this jan kai mukh bhanae || gur naanak naam bachan man sunae ||6||

Comfort, peace and tranquility, wealth and the nine treasures;
wisdom, knowledge, and all spiritual powers;
learning, penance, Yoga and meditation on God;
The most sublime wisdom and purifying baths;
the four cardinal blessings, the opening of the heart-lotus;
in the midst of all, and yet detached from all;
beauty, intelligence, and the realization of reality;
to look impartially upon all, and to see only the One
- these blessings come to one who, through Guru Nanak, chants the Naam with his mouth, and hears the Word with his ears. ||6||