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Opinion Canadian Researchers Demolish The Myth Of Mother Teresa’s Goodness


May 11, 2010
Ancient Greece
First exposed as a fraud by Christopher Hitchens, renowned twentieth-century saint Mother Teresa now appears to have been more of a monster. Via EurekAlert!:The myth of altruism and generosity surrounding Mother Teresa is dispelled in a paper by Serge Larivée and Genevieve Chenard of University of Montreal’s Department of Psychoeducation and Carole Sénéchal of the University of Ottawa. The three researchers collected and analyzed 502 documents on the life and work of Mother Teresa.

At the time of her death, Mother Teresa had opened 517 missions welcoming the poor and sick in more than 100 countries. Two-thirds of the people coming to these missions hoped to a find a doctor to treat them, while the other third lay dying without receiving appropriate care. [There was] a significant lack of hygiene, even unfit conditions, as well as a shortage of actual care, inadequate food, and no painkillers. The problem is not a lack of money—the Foundation created by Mother Teresa has raised hundreds of millions of dollars—but rather a particular conception of suffering and death: “There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion. The world gains much from their suffering,” was her reply to criticism.

Mother Teresa was generous with her prayers but rather miserly with her foundation’s millions when it came to humanity’s suffering. During numerous floods in India or following the explosion of a pesticide plant in Bhopal, she offered numerous prayers and medallions of the Virgin Mary but no direct or monetary aid. On the other hand, she had no qualms about accepting the Legion of Honour and a grant from the Duvalier dictatorship in Haiti. Millions of dollars were transferred to the MCO’s various bank accounts, but most of the accounts were kept secret, Larivée says.

Despite these disturbing facts, how did Mother Teresa succeed in building an image of holiness and infinite goodness? According to the three researchers, her meeting in London in 1968 with the BBC’s Malcom Muggeridge, an anti-abortion journalist who shared her right-wing Catholic values, was crucial. Muggeridge decided to promote Teresa, who consequently discovered the power of mass media. In 1969, he made a eulogistic film of the missionary, promoting her by attributing to her the “first photographic miracle,” when it should have been attributed to the new film stock being marketed by Kodak. Afterwards, Mother Teresa travelled throughout the world and received numerous awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize.

(Source: http://www.disinfo.com/2013/03/canadian-researchers-demolish-myth-of-mother-teresas-goodness/)



1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
aristotle ji

The most painful part of the myth-busting in this article --- very very painful -- is that sick and dying people were not getting medical care, or even enough to eat. They were languishing in unhygienic conditions. In spite of a mounting fortune in a country where western currency would have gone a long long way. And all this because suffering is a tribute to the greater glory of God. How easy it to consign helpless people to the task of finding meaning in their suffering! Something is unhinged in that belief.

Contrast this legacy to that of Bhai Puran Singh. It was a long time before fortune came knocking at his door, and today Pingelwara is doing great good with modest means.

Who else is on the brink of tears reading this?


May 11, 2010
Ancient Greece
Contrast this legacy to that of Bhai Puran Singh. It was a long time before fortune came knocking at his door, and today Pingelwara is doing great good with modest means.
People like Bhagat Puran Singh Ji don't need any so-called canonisation to do what they have to do to serve the humankind. That he wasn't appreciated or supported during his lifetime is a painful reality.

He wasn't just the founder of Pingalwara; he was an excellent author, visionary and environmentalist as well.

He did better with his modest means than what the likes of 'Mother' Teresa did with millions of dollars, countless supporters and the backing of a powerful church.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
For many years..before Bhagat Puran Singh even had a place to hide his head...he was already CARRYING the paraplegic companion of his on his BACK..( referred to as the Garland around my neck by Bhagat Ji ). Bhagat ji carried this man everywhere he went...THAT is true LOVE and true SERVICE...just too much hype about Theresa...i remember once she got into a "fight" with the Pingalwara as well because she wanted the many SIKH ORPHANS who were the results of Operation Bluestar in 1984. Pingalwarra REFUSED to send the Sikh children anywhere...

The SIKHS have done a very GREAT DISERVICE to BHAGAT JI by not giving him due recognition...not when he was alive and not when he is not here with us...HE DESERVES a place High on a Pedestal among the other Bhagats who are in the SGGS- because he is their equal in every sense. IF such a person had come to Guru Ramdass Ji or Guru Arjun Jis notice, Guru ji would have HUGGED him and given him place of honor beside HIM. I am glad that at least his legacy lives on in the Pingalwarra Sahib - BUT not a SINGLE so called SANT or Brahmgyani ragi etc ever even MENTIONS Pingalwarra SAHIB in their lectures or tours or anything like that. ALL are busy collecting for their own DERAS and Academies etc under FAKE names attaching SAHIB to ordinary VILLAGES to misguide ordinary SIKHS into parting with their hard earned money. The MOST ACTIVE one among such Fakes is from Himachal Pardesh.:winkingsingh:

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