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Discussion in 'Language, Arts & Culture' started by Harry Haller, Mar 25, 2016.

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    I love music, it keeps me sane, spending 18 hours a day in a retail shop 7 days a week can drive you slightly insane, although its probably a bit late for that, so I listen to music most of the time, mostly UK 80's, the other day, working away, youtube started playing another song, initially I thought it was a UK band, but it was slightly bonkers for the UK, giant snowmen in top hats, enormous red tomatoes, (see that a, its pronounced ahh, for my american friends), loads of giant snowmen waving and smiling, brilliant

    and dwarves, dressed as jesters, pregnant bonkers blonde women, what drugs were these people on??

    more dwarves! more mad blondes! morris dancers! dogs! a maypole! men dressed as chickens!

    These guys are not UK, they are french Canadian! bonkers!
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