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Dec 19, 2011
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
I came accross this video and I completely agree with this guy. Growing up in India till I was in Grade 3, even though I originally grew up in Chandigarh, in the school curriculum Punjabi wasn't introduced as a course taught until grade 2. At home, my parents spoke Kashmiri Punjabi (My entire family is from Kashmir) so I could speak that and since everything in school was taught in Hindi, I could speak that as well. My parents did not speak Punjabi at home as often as I now hope they would've, although they themselves are fluent. Anyways, because of this I developed a negative view towards Punjabi being secondary and unimportant. When I came to Canada most of the people in my residential area spoke Punjabi, and were taken aback when they realised I could not even though I had come from Punjab. In fact, the first basement I lived in was owned by a Punjabi woman who was so distraught at my constant speaking in Hindi, refused to talk to me for a while because I didn't know the language. So, I learned and started putting broken sentences and phrases together.
I'm still learning, building my vocabulary and understanding Punjabi diction. I didn't realise when I was in India that there are vested interests in destroying Punjab and turning it into other status quo Indian state, and like they say if you want to destroy a people take away their language. Which is what they're doing and we must encourage the speaking, reading and writing of Punjabi amongst our youth and keep this great gift we have of language fostered throughout the generations.

Enjoy the video everyone!
Gora Speaking in Punjabi About Punjabi - YouTube

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