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Can Sikhs Eat Beef?

Randip Singh

May 25, 2005
United Kingdom
yet another case of ekmusafir getting away with insulting people with no action from mods.

why is this person not subject to the same rules of the forum as the rest of us? :confused:

Hi Jasleen,

Its been taken care of. Whether is music, caste, shabad translations or beef, there is no reason personal comments should be made. Alas I have tried for several months to stop him from making personal comments and he won't stop so only editing is available.

The issue as I have stated all along is not about meat, beef, chicken wings or fish fingers. I could not give a hott what people eat. This issue is about Egotism, and how we see our way of living, diet lifestyle somehow better than another.

Our Guru's travelled far and wide and met people of all sorts and types of people. They met sufi's , saint's, and mystics of all descriptions. The search for Truth was all pervading. Issues such as this are a distraction to this search. That is why Guru Nanak emphatically says "Fools wrangle over flesh".

According to Bani if we are caple of being a rock in one lifetime and then the next a human being then how can people state that in terms of Karma an animal is somehow closer to us? Infact Bani describes people possesed with the 5 thieves as animals, yet we have this mishaprihesion still that animal's are innocent?

I do not strive to be an animal but a human being and a Gurmukh at that. I do not wish to de-evolve. I do not wish to impose my belief's on others. If someone is a vegetarian and thinks that is good for them spiritually then I say goodluck. If someone is a meat eater and thinks that is good for them then I say good luck. History is littered with Saints, Mystics, Sufi's who were all Gurmukhs....some ate meat , and some didn't. I am in no position to judge any of these people.

This is the Sikh religion. It is not the cow worship religion. It is not the pro meat religion. It is not the Vegan religion. It is not the Kentucky Fried Chicken religion. I always use the example of the Jain religion, which see's vegetarians as barbaric. For them to even to pull a leave off a plant is barbaric. Yet people see fit to judge a meat eater? Let us not fool ourselves. Read what Bani too, says about Jains.

From my limited understanding of the Sikh faith this entire issue is one of conscience. It will not affect you spiritually. What will affect you spiritually is thinking that other people should "do as you say", for me that is Egotism, and Egotism always results in the usual, which is disagreement, insults and lack of rational thinking (as has occured here).


Nov 6, 2008
Damdami Taksaal and AKJ maryada do not allow meat. keep in mind alot of those singhs who also drink and smoke follow sGPC. i know not all sikhs who drink and smoke too follow SGPC, and not all AKJers are as pure as they are supposed to be.

my advice, since in america, u do not know if animal meat was killed non hallal or non kosher (basically animal torture) do not eat it.

However if u are nihang and u chatka on goat, and see it killed right way, then why not eat meat?

Of course, i prefer to not eat any, tatse, smell, etc. do not appeal to me

The SGPC is the main body of the Sikhs, AKJ is not the main body for all Sikhs. The teachings of Gurmat do not say that one cannot eat meat. However it is the tradition of Jatts to not eat beef as they have cows or buffalos on their farms so they do not think it is respectful to eat beef. That is a non religous belief but a tradtion, it does not mean that Sikhs in general cannot eat beef. My opinion is that is completly wrong. :happy::happy::happy::happy::happy: