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Sikh News 'Campaign Through Facebook For Obama's Visit To Golden Temple'

Sep 20, 2004
Upset over reports that US President Barack Obama may skip Golden Temple during his India visit, a Sikh group asked the community members to campaign through Twitter and Facebook accounts of the White House for his visit to Sikhism's holiest.



Dec 17, 2007
I got multiple emails for this request yesterday and almost was signing the petition then i stopped. Made me think if a person doesn't want to go a GURDUARA SAHIB then why should we force or apply pressure to do so. Punjabi di ik kahawat he - TAKRE DE SARE RISHTEDAAR HUNDE HAN, meaning if a person is in power then there are a lot of people who are related to him. GARIB de rishtedaar vi saath chadd dinde han.

When i was about to support this an inner voice stopped me !

Bhul Chuk Maaf,
Harjot Singh


(Previously Himmat Singh)
Feb 19, 2010
Ek OnKaar Sat Naam

There is no need to be concerned over anybody not visiting a particular gurdwara, however special it is in the hearts of Sikhs. A gurdwara is not like the Kaaba in Mecca that one has to make a pligrimage to, by those of Muslim faith, or the places of pilgrimage of Hindus. Furthermore the US president is not even a Sikh.
Nothing at all is lost, and if one is mourning over a lost photo opportunity then one should reread SGGS ji. If he wishes to visit a Gurdwara, then there are many in the US, and each is equal to Harmandir Sahib in terms of a gate to the Guru. The doors will always be open to those willing to enter humbly.

Sat Sri Akal

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