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Cajun Spice Mixture And Cajun Baked Potato Slices

Inderjeet Kaur

Oct 13, 2011
Seattle, Washington, USA
The stuff you buy in a bottle at the store is pricey and loaded with salt. This is easily made at home.


This makes a bunch. It can be used either as a blackening spice or just as is in recipes I don't suggest it as a table spice; it tastes a lot better cooked. I usually make it without the hot stuff and add that for each separate dish. If you use this in any recipes, you might want to increase the salt. This mix is salt free.

8 T paprika
3 T garlic powder
3 T onion powder
3 T black pepper
2 T white pepper
4 T dried oregano
3 T dried thyme
cayenne and/or hot pepper flakes to taste.

My favorite recipe using this:



potatoes, unpeeled (I usually use russets, but any type will do)
vegetable oil (I prefer olive oil)
cajun spice

  1. Cut the potatoes into thick slices of about a half inch.
  2. Arrange single layer on a cookie sheet.
  3. Wipe off liquid.
  4. Brush lightly with olive oil.
  5. Lightly salt.
  6. Top with a generous portion of Cajun spice.
  7. Bake until done (about 10 minutes) in a 375 F oven.

That's the healthy recipe. If you aren't into quite so healthy, these become a masterpiece if you use butter ghee instead of a healthy vergetable oil.

I slice the potatoes into thick slices, wipe off the liquid,brush lightly with olive oil, top with a generous portion of cajun seasoning. If you use my Cajun spice, they'll need a bit of salt. Bake until cook at about 350F. Try not to pig out.

Variation: After wiping off the liquid, brush with lemon juice, allow to siut for about 5 minutes and wipe off again, lightly. Then proceed as above.


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