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By The Guru's Word

Discussion in 'Gurmat Learning Zone' started by Sardara123, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Sardara123

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    gauVI guAwryrI mhlw 5 ]
    gur kw bcnu sdw AibnwsI ]
    gur kY bcin ktI jm PwsI ]
    gur kw bcnu jIA kY sMig ]
    gur kY bcin rcY rwm kY rMig ]1]
    jo guir dIAw su mn kY kwim ]
    sMq kw kIAw siq kir mwin ]1] rhwau ]
    gur kw bcnu Atl ACyd ]
    gur kY bcin kty BRm Byd ]
    gur kw bcnu kqhu n jwie ]
    gur kY bcin hir ky gux gwie ]2]
    gur kw bcnu jIA kY swQ ]
    gur kw bcnu AnwQ ko nwQ ]
    gur kY bcin nrik n pvY ]
    gur kY bcin rsnw AMimRqu rvY ]3]
    gur kw bcnu prgtu sMswir ]
    gur kY bcin n AwvY hwir ]
    ijsu jn hoey Awip ik®pwl ] nwnk siqgur sdw dieAwl ]4]5]74]

    Gauree Gwaarayree, Fifth Mehl:
    The Guru's Word is eternal and everlasting.
    The Guru's Word cuts away the noose of Death.
    The Guru's Word is always with the soul.
    Through the Guru's Word, one is immersed in the Love of the Lord. ||1||
    Whatever the Guru gives, is useful to the mind.
    Whatever the Saint does - accept that as True. ||1||Pause||
    The Guru's Word is infallible and unchanging.
    Through the Guru's Word, doubt and prejudice are dispelled.
    The Guru's Word never goes away;
    through the Guru's Word, we sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. ||2||
    The Guru's Word accompanies the soul.
    The Guru's Word is the Master of the masterless.
    The Guru's Word saves one from falling into hell.
    Through the Guru's Word, the tongue savors the Ambrosial Nectar. ||3||
    The Guru's Word is revealed in the world.
    Through the Guru's Word, no one suffers defeat.
    O Nanak, the True Guru is always kind and compassionate, unto those whom the Lord Himself has blessed with His Mercy. ||4||5||74||
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