General Buying Karas


Does anyone know where I can buy a kara from an online store based in the U.S.? I don't know where to get one. Thanks.



I'm not sure about on-line, but here in England we can get them from the Gurdwara. Is there not one near you?

Found an internet site...although I'm not sure whether it is US based.
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Sat Nam, Ji, I think SikhLink is based in India. There is also another store, online, based in India, but will sip to the U.S. Type in and it should direct you to their store.


Sorry to Hijack the topic, but after makign a payment to SikhLink, i got an e-mail saying i still needed yo pay, so i waited 2 weeks, and then clicked to pay ( was the link in the e-mail).

I've been havin some issues with the store, because it is a bit awkward to me to use.. what is the average shipping time to USA from SikhLink?

Also, do you get a shipping confirmation from them?

BTW, SikhLink is in Maryland, USA.

Sorry all, and thanks.