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  1. K

    Types Of Karas

    Wahe Guru Ji Ki Ka Khalsa, wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh Greetings, everyone, I have a question. There are now different designs of the kara; I have seen some that are ridge, some that are smooth, and I have been wondering how the different forms of karas have come about. A friend gave me one that is...
  2. Harkiran Kaur

    Gurbani-engraved Karas: Allowed Or Not?

    I came across a site online that has some beautifully engraved karas, with various verses from Gurbani (Mool Mantra for example). Some have it engraved on the outside, some on the inside.... And this site seems to be the only real site specifically where you can get special sized karas etc...
  3. Ajuni

    What Are Your Views Of Gurbani-engraved Karas?

    WaheGuru my Sat Sangat So a few minutes ago I was searching karas online and I came upon gurbani engraved karas. I myself being the proud owner of one came across a post on the AKJ community: http://www.akj.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=7516 but then I also found sites which would give...
  4. G

    Do You Wear Kara?

    Do You Wear Sikh Kara? :khanda3: Sikh Kara Bracelet is an iron bracelet that binds the Sikh, who is wearing it, to God. The Sikh Kara is used to remind the Sikh to do the right deeds. The Sikh Kara is usually worn in the predominant hand so that the Sikh can see the Sikh Kara whenever he...
  5. I

    General Buying Karas

    Does anyone know where I can buy a kara from an online store based in the U.S.? I don't know where to get one. Thanks. ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------