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USA Burning The Koran Would Be No Bettter Than The 9/11 Atrocities

Chaan Pardesi

Oct 4, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur
After threatening to burn the Koran, a miniscule church leader cancelled the plans- following condemnation from all sane and civilised quarters.

If we look at this civilisedly, it was very bad of this pastor to plan to carry out a protest by burning of any scriptures of any religion.

I believe if this burning had taken place, it would have been a disaster for all inclusively.But as the pastor has shown some sanity, instead the communities should invite him to their houses of prayer and share with him the goodness of their ways to God, so that such inter religious misunderstandings can be minimised.Sikhs have so much to offer by this sharing and should not hesitate to invite him.

This is a good chance to share with him the greatest encyclopaedia of the universe- THE Guru Granth sahib and expose the treasures of all good by men of all religions, that is in the most beautiful words of Guru Granth Sahib; and make him understand that the scriptures of no religion are bad, but the men themselves who dont understand goodness and truthful living.

The Muslim extremists , who flew planes into the Twin towers and have continued with bombing campaigns are a tiny minority and there are millions of good Muslims, although they more than often choose to remain silent on the barbarically inhuman acts of their own co- religionists.They do need to speak OUT more against such crazy acts of misinformed and misguided shahada.Such is not shahada but the murder of the creation of Waheguru, God or Ram.Shahada cannot be obtained through inhuman acts against God's own kingdom and creation.

Burning the Koran would have been saying like one is burning the words of God.Such words of God come in the form of many books like the Bible, The Tohrah and Veds or Guru Granth sahib.These books are important books to humanity.They all contain words of God, in whatever name one may call Him or Her.These books all have their views and I think, they should not form part of the contracts for extremist men or women to disagree with the rest of humanity.People around the world have their rights to believe as they desire and the way they choose to through a process of what we call religion.Therefore we should not dislike people because of their faith, although I would dislike and perhaps wrongly hate any extremists, as they disrupt peaceful living.

The church pastor is one such person of extremist view, and he is no different than those murderous extremist muslims who blow up people and the TTowers.

The act of the pastor would have only justified more muslims to take to arms and blow up people.Although, I also recognise that such mad extremists do not really need any excuse to carry out barbaric murders of humans going about their lives.

I must say, I have nothing against any religion, but it was vitally important this man was stopped somehow sanely.His proposed actions were not just offensive to the good muslims, but every decent human being.

A protest should be done in much more constructive manner.I protest by speaking aloud in interviews, or writing to the newspapers.So why did he not simply do that?

His reason was that this stunt will mark the annivesary of the 9/11 attacks.I would say that manner is an offensive way to convince a civilised society.

I dont think such actions help anyone remember any annivasaries with dignity and honour to those who died.Such ignorant and stupid ways do not do justice and cause more upset to all.

We have enough upset in the world.Our duty as civilised humans and Sikhisim is very much about a civilised code of living truthfully and doing SARBAT DA BHALLA [universal welfare of humanity]and is to work towards lessening such upsets.

It seems that only yesterday. I watched the TTowers come crashing down on TV.At first, I thought it was a film, but then reallity sank in.I realised many people get up and go to work everyday, and the Ttowers was one such centre for many employees- who would have died because of the stupid and ignorance of some like the extremist pastor himself- the bad extremist muslims.

As a Sikh, I believe the best way to remember those who died in that attack is not by burning the scriptures of another, but by the principles of goodness taught by our Gurus, Sarbat Da Bhalla,[universal welfare] wand shakna kirt kamaii,[ share your honest earnings, with the needy] and the concepts of MIRI and PIRI- a disciplined society- of saint soldiers of humanity.


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