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Books On Sikhism?

Jul 14, 2011
What books would you recommend to someone new to Sikhism? I have, since I was a child, held Sikhs to be among the most honorable people. I always felt very comfortable around Khalsa Sikhs. Looking back, I wonder why I didn't investigate sikhism sooner! I would love to read up on being Sikhi, and I would appreciate your input! :singhsippingcoffee:


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Texassikhstudent ji

Here is a link to a thread already posted at SPN on books about Sikhism.

I would also recommend

History of the Sikhs by Joseph Cunningham which can be accessed at Open Library

The Sikh Religion by Max Arthur Macauliffe whose book The Sikh Religion Volume 1 can be accessed at this link

The other volumes are accessible at Open Library. You will have to use the search feature.

There are many other good books. Let's see what other members report.


May 11, 2010
Ancient Greece
For the translations part, I prefer the 'Guru Granth Darpan' by Prof. Sahib Singh (published by a number of publishers, including The Sikh missionary college, Ludhiana) and the 'Santhya' By (Dr.) Bhai Vir Singh (published by Language Department , Punjab in seven volumes and available at a very affordable price).
The following link may also help:

Prof.Sahib Singh has also written a concise 'Gurbani Vyakaran' (Gurbani grammar) though it may not appeal much to a beginner but certainly a treat for those who enjoy grammar.

There are quite a number of publishers like the following who also provide good Sikhism books with a genuine price tag.
*Sikh missionary college, Ludhiana (;
*Bhai Randhir Singh Trust, Ludhiana(;
*Bhai Vir Singh Sahit Sadan, Delhi (;
*and Govt. establishments like Language department, Punjab; Punjabi University(Publication bureau), Patiala etc.

I apologise since this is not a very exhaustive list but I'll continue to add new ones as soon as I can remember them!!


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