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Arts/Society Bono Rocks Out With Sikh Fan On Stage


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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bono Rocks Out With Sikh Fan On Stage

October 07 2009 15:35 PST

Oh my! U2 lead singer Bono sure takes his fans seriously and wants them to have a good time at his concerts! During the Irish rock group’s 360 Tour stop in Washington D.C., Bono helps a Sardar fan up on stage from the screaming crowd, gives him an American flag to hold up and continues to sing the chart buster "Sunday ****** Sunday."

The happy fan, whose name is Amp Bains, sings along to the song and rocks out big time to the tunes of the huge hit. Soon the two men are holding each other and singing into the mic at the same time, what a love fest!

View it below :

YouTube - U2 360 Tour - Fed Ex Field Washington DC 29 Sept 2009

with thanks : source : Bono Rocks Out With Sikh Fan on Stage - News at Desi Hits