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Controversial Bogus Love Guru Jailed For 18 Months For Swindling Vulnerable Midlanders


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Bogus love guru jailed for 18 months for swindling vulnerable Midlanders

Birmingham Mail - News - Birmingham News - Bogus love guru jailed for 18 months for swindling vulnerable Midlanders

A BOGUS love guru who conned desperate Midlanders out of thousands of pounds by claiming his prayers could help them have babies and fix relationships has been jailed for 18 months.

Father-of-four Niem Mohammed claimed his skills as a faith healer and spiritualist had been passed down through generations. The 41-year-old said he lived in Pakistan when he was aged five to 18 to learn about his culture and maintained his gift had been passed down his family.

But Wolverhampton Crown Court was told he was a “swindler” who took advantage of vulnerable Midlanders.

Mohammed, who has a luxury home in Cheshire and drives a Bentley and a Ferrari, charged a Smethwick couple £9,650 to break a black magic spell he said was placed on the woman by her jealous sister. And he told her he would use prayer to help her conceive a child with her partner.

He also took £1,300 off a woman to help mend a broken relationship and, when nothing happened, he told her he needed a further £1,800.

Mohammed further threatened her that he would send a Sikh ghost to destroy her home and family if she did not pay up, said Barry Berlin prosecuting. He said that Mohammed claimed he was born at a place of pilgrimage in India when in fact he was born in Liverpool.

Mohammed of Altrincham Road, Wilmslow, was found guilty on 11 charges of fraud.

And Judge Jonathan Gosling said only an immediate sentence of custody was appropriate. Mohammed, was cleared on four other charges, including one of blackmail.

In his defence Mohammed demonstrated to the jury his meditation and prayer techniques and showed them his scrolls and talismans. He denied he was a conman adding: “Having one or two complaints does not mean my work of 15 years is no good.”

The court was told Mohammed had paid back more than £9,000 to the Smethwick couple following complaints to Sandwell Trading Standards.

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