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Bhartiya Yog Sansthan Organized Joint Camp To Teach Benefits Of Yoga

Jan 1, 2010
Bhartiya Yog Sansthan organized joint camp to teach Benefits of Yoga

Phagwara, June 6, 2010: A joint class organized today by Bhartiya Yog Sansthan, the institution which is organizing Yoga classes all over India free of cost for the benefit of masses. Today, the joint class of the students was organized at Kamla Nehru Public School, Phagwara with the aim to provide teach the public about the benefits of Yoga.
Mr. Hari Dev Bagga, State President of Bhartiya Yog Sansthan while delivering his lecture on Yoga said that Yoga is aimed to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit. With Yoga we try to view the mind and the body as one, and so with the practice of Yoga we can find harmony and heal ourselves. He described that Yoga therefore is considered therapeutic. With the help of Yoga you become more aware about your body’s posture, alignment and patterns of movement. With Yoga the body become more flexible and so it helps you relax even in the midst of a stress stricken environment. So, the foremost reasons to Practice yoga is that with the help of Yoga-You feel fitter, become more energetic, happier and peaceful.
Mr. Bagga told that we should take less quantity of food as our body needs not much of calories. So, with the intake of excess food we invite so many diseases. With minimum intake of food and with the help of Yoga (Exercises) & meditation we can live longer life free from diseases.
Mr. Hari Dev Bagga said Bhartiya Yog Sansthan’s Founder President Mr. Prakash Lalji has completed his life span of 90 years and has not suffering from any chronic disease and still he is working 16 hours in a day. So, with his inspiration we will celebrate this year as “Prerana Varsh” Motivation Year so that the general public could be benefited with his inspirations and guidance.
Mr Vishav Bandhu Sudhir, (Jila Sangathan Mantri Bhartiya Yog sansthan) ( Distt. Coordinating Secretary ) welcomed the (Sadhak) students those have come to attend the joint class in School campus from different Yog Kendras ( Yoga Centres). While delivering his lecture he advised the public to adopt the way prescribed by Maharishi (Sage) Patanjali. He told when the balance of all three systems in body Viz Waak, Pit, Kaf become imbalance then a person gets ill. He said it is necessary to control all these factors with the help of Yoga. He said that Yoga teaches us that How we can live healthy. He told that due to our wrong intake of food (Catering) we came in the clutches of diseases, that is the main reason that now the kids are suffering from chronic diseases. Just look in to the factor why the medicines have become part of our daily ration menu. He said that with Yoga we can remain free from diseases, just think over why we are so busy, why we can not spare a few minutes for our health. He said that to wake up before sun rise is also a part of Yoga. Have you ever thought why the people are becoming infected by the dreaded diseases. In the survey conducted recently in Punjab it has been mentioned that more than 70% people above 40 years have become diabetic. He suggested that the morning walk no doubt is very useful for diabetic patient. He said that if a person sit in the vajra Posture (Vajra Aasan) for five minutes then the formation of natural insulin starts in the body. He described Pranayam is also very effective for Diabetic patients. He told that the President of Bhartiya Yog Sansthan is 90 years old. The reason of his such a good health is that he used to practice Yoga daily from the last so many years. So due to routine in life to go to Yoga Centre (Kendra) and practice Yoga daily and with firm determination he is still active at the age of 90 years. The aim of Bhartiya Yog Sansthan is “Jeo or Jeene Do” Live and Let live---we should make this slogan meaningful.
A devotional song recited by Mrs. Veena Gupta (Regional President)
Smt Manisha ji, Regional President inspired the children to come to Yoga Kendras (Centres) daily. She said that in addition to education the children should learn the art of living as well. So, they should come to the centers and practice Yoga daily. She said with daily practice of Yoga the children learns the art of Modesty and with firm determination and motivation of the Yoga teachers they live life without disease. She prayed to the parents also to motivate the children to join the Yoga classes.
Among other dignatries Rajneesh Madhok, Mr. Sandeep Kawatra (Distt. President), Mr. Anil Kochar, Mr. Vikas Uppal Mr. Yagya Dutt Prabhakar, Mr. Vinod Gupta, Mrs. Sangeeta Gumber (Regional President), Mrs Archana Batra, (Joint Cente Head, Kamla Nehru School), Mrs. Neelam Chopra, (Regional President, Green Park), Dev kalia (Regional President, Saggian mandir Area), Mrs. Manisha, Smt Raj, Smt Anuji, Smt Sood (Centre Head), Sh. Ravinder Gupta (Joint Centre Head), Mrs Shakeela ji Centre Head Sakhiyan Dharmshala, Sh. Jaswinder Singh (Centre Head Green Park), Sh. Subhash Sachdeva, Sh. Vipan Singla, Prretika Uppal, Sh. Harminder Singh (President Hoshiarpur), Sh. Bhupinder Singh (President Nawanshahar), Mrs & Mr. Jolly Kanda, Mr. Rakesh Sharma Watch, Miss Aditi Sharma, Mr. Surinder Singh participated in occasion. Hundreds of students and the people came from distant places to attend the class organized by Bhartiya Yog Sansthan.

Rajneesh Madhok,


May 20, 2012
I want to began yoga therefore i need some tips and help which you provide me there I hope these tips provide me lot of help in yoga

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