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Bhai Randhir Singh Has Taken The Liberty To Misinterpret Gurbani


In Mas Mas Kar Moorakh Jhagre, Gurbakhsh Singh Kala Afghana has pointed out how Bhai Randhir Singh has taken the liberty to misinterpret Gurbani to prove that non-vegetarian diet is sinful.1 Guru Nanak’s counsel against the debate over diet was simple and something else, however. Addressing a Brahmin, to whom even the sight of flesh was pollution, Guru Nanak said:


Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.

actually KA ( full name Gurbaksh Singh Kala Afghana...the Kala Afghana is the name of his PIND/Village in Punjab...and NOT the colour of his skin or face)..
is not such a big deal after all.

I have READ through all his books available online at his own website and at other websites.

One does not have to agree with all his theories...but it is pointless to diss him off just like that...He is NOT 100% WRONG ( just like he is NOT 100% RIGHT either)

A lot of people agree with his stance on MAAS/MEAT in Gurmatt - for example the Sikh Rehat Maryada of the Akal Takhat declares it is OK for a SINGH to consume JHATKA MAAS ( only Halal - Muslim type KOSHER meat is banned as this is SACRIFICIAL MEAT and Sikhism BANS ALL "sacrificial" meat even if it from the Hindu Mandir of Kali mata - something many dont know as they assocoaite hallal only with MUSLIM...the KHALSA doesnt eat anythign that is already JHOOTHA by being offered as sacrifice to any god/diety/devi whatever. ) Kala Afghana sticks to the SRM version of Meat controversy while Bhai Sahib Bhai randheer Singh has NO MEAT whatsoever for Sikhism...who is misinterpreting GURBANI is up to you to decide. Professor Sahib Singh in his Guru Garnth darpan also gives the SAME meanings to Maas Maas Kar Moorakh Jhagreh as Kala Afghana.

KA also says that the REal AMRIT is GURBANI-NAAM and that HARIMANDIR as stated in GURBANI is the HUMAN BODY. Guru Amardass Ji has defined Harimandir in His Bani.... YEARS BEFORE the building known as Harimandir Sahib was even constructed....so obviously the HARIMANDIR in Guur Amardass Ji's GURBANI is something else.....and that is the HUMAN BODY and if Gurbani is RECITED, the human body becomes FULL of NAAM AMRIT.

KA also follows striclty the DEFINITION of Prof Sahib Singh in his Guru Garnth Darpan that the TUK "Ramdass SAROVAR nahteh... does NOT refer to the Sarovar at Amrtisar....BUT the "SAROVAR of RAMDASS: means the SANGAT of devotees ( Dass) of the WAHEGURU known as RAM. GURBANI again and again REPEATEDLY CONDEMN the RITUALS of bathing at Sarovars/teeraths/ etc as ameans of salvation.... so how can then this TUK allegedly ENCOURAGE such bathing at a SIKH SHRINE as a means towards Salvation... that would amke Gurbani self contradictory...and GURBANI is definitely not self contradictory anywhere...only those who MISINTERPRET GURBANI are.

SAME thing with the Akal Takhat.... KA says GURU NANAK travelled thousands of Miles to MECCA to tell the MUSLIM WORLD that GOD/ALLAH doe not reside in MECCA alone...and HE slept with HIS feet towards Mecca to Prove His POINT....Now how can SIKHS turn around and CONFINE the WAHEGURU-AKAL in a stone building called the "Akal Takahat" ?? and call HUKMnamas coming from there as coming from WAHEGURU-GURU JI Himslef ?? KA argues that the Akal Takhat is GURU GRANTH SAHIB JEE (GURBANI)...and the ONE and ONLY VALID HUKMNAMA that should come from this Akal Takhat is the one from GURU GRANTH SAHIB JEE (GURBANI)..and not from some PRIESTS hired and fired at will by politicians like Badal Tohra etc.

KA attacks the notion of "amrit" as aa sort of MAGIC POTION that once given and accepted by an amrtidharee ASSURES HIM EVERLASTING LIFE and SALVATION and he can go on committing any mistakes whatever without FEAR as the very fact that he is an amrtidharee will ensure that God will forgive him and he will be BORN again in a SIKH FAMILY for at lreast 10,000 times so that at least in one lifetime he will not commit any mistakes and os will attain salvation. KA says this Khandey batte da Amrti is NOT a CONFIRMED FREE TICKET to Salvation..BUt the Beginning of a JOURNEY towards salvation and just the FIRST STEP.. a lot of naam japp and developing naam amrit within his Harimandir will save him.

On the dasam granth KA gives quotes from the Tria Chittars and proves that GURU GOBIND SINGH JI could not be the author of such writings...writings that advocate USE of HAIR REMOVING CREAMS and OILS, that show Women how to CHEAT on their husbands, that SHOW how Guru Gobind Singh ji ordered his Sikhs to catch sikhs urinating on open ground and then taking their turbans off them to distribute to his sikhs..how scenes depict SEX Orgies and explicit sex scenes are written about in Tria Chittars..

KA's CRUSADE against the book Gurbilas Patshahi Cheevin, whereby he exposed that this BOOK is ANTI GURMATT and speaks volumes agaisnt GURU HARGOBIND JI..showing him to be a person of low character, horse stealer etc. This anti gurmatt book was re-edited by Giani Joginder Singh Jathedar Akal takhat and published by the SGPC...when KA exposed the book...Jathedar Ji was FORCED to BAN HIS OWN BOOK.....and then set about in motion moves to get KA by excommunicating him.

As a matter of record KA has asked for FIVE SHABADS from GURBANI to be quoted by his opponents that show he is wrong on any pointys he makes iun his books....NO such shabads have been published so far. What is being done is MISQUOTING KA himslef to make him look like he is writing SACRILEGEOUS LANGUAGE and filth..when he is Merely QUOTING DIRECTLY from dasam Granth banis.

It is not easy to come to any conclusion. we must read everything carefully and make our own decisions....there is NO Black and White on both sides. KA INVITED DEBATE by writing to all the takhats sGPc schoalrs etc... they MUST reply OPENLY to all his points and quote the required FIVE SHHABADS and prove him WRONG.
There is a website run by the Khalsa Alliance which has many articles on Anti KA arguments. Read those as well and see how well they stand up to GURBANI...and make your conclusion.

Personal note:
Bhai Sahib Bhai Randheer Singh Ji has been my child hood hero ever since at my ffithe birthday, my dad gave me a book called Jail Chitthheyian as a birthday gift. That book is my favourite reading....and then I read all the 40 or so books written by Bhai Sahib Bhai Randheer Singh Ji.
Bhai Sahib ji is the ONLY GURSIKH in our History to be HONOURED with a SIROPA Robe of Honour by ALL the FOUR TAKHATS of Sikhism. He served almost 25 years in British Jails ( some of the worst primitive conditions where scorpions, {censored}roaches, ratys etc were in abundance) for SIKH KAUM, Gurdwara Sudhaar Lehr, Akali Movement etc. He was aPOORAN SANT-SIPAHI as ordained by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Having said all this I still cannot make myself follow a lone GURSIKH ( no matter as high awastha s Bhai Sahib Bhai Randheer Singh Ji) in the face of the Decision of the Entire Guru Khalsa Panth agreed and Akal Takhat ordained Sikh Rehat Maryada stand on MEAT..although I personally dont consume meat of any kind and i beleive in the Sarblohi bibeki rehat on my own level...yet the PANTHIC REHAT takes precedence for Parchaar purposes and I never IMPOSE my rehat on others.
I CANNOT say these things about Kala Afghana....although only Guru Ji knows if he has done any naam japp/simran etc or what his personal life is like - unlike Bhai Sahib Bhai Randheer Singh Ji whose life is an open book.

Jarnail singh