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Bhai Mathara Bhat Ji : Shaheed Of The Battle Of Ruhela In 1621

Discussion in 'Sikh History' started by Neutral Singh, Jul 29, 2004.

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    Jun 1, 2004
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    Entry nr. 2, section 1 - Shaheeds from the time of Sixth Nanak, Guru Hargobind Sahib

    Bhai Mathara Ji attained Shaheedi in the battle of Ruhela, on 3rd october 1621, alongside other Shaheeds, such as Bhai Nanu Ji. Bhai Mathara Bhat was the son of Bhai Bhikha Bhat and the grandson of Bhai Raeeya. They were related to the Qausish Gorh Brahmin family. The Bhats were great poets and held the jobs as clientele bards. The bards used to attend any happy or sad occasions celebrated by their clients, and sing praising ballads and get prices. This was their occupation. Bhats had written different recordbooks called Vahees or Vahis (silent ’a’), now called the Bhat Vahis. In these accounts they recorded the names, addresses and occupations of their clients. When a special event took place, the Bhats recorded the happenings in their records at once. And these recordings used to be read out (sung), alongwith the deeds of the forefathers, on some special days for their families to make them proud of their past. And for this they recieved prices from their clients. The elders of Bhai Mathara Bhat were initiated into the Sikh community at the time of Guru Amardas Sahib. At the time of Guru Arjan Sahib, the family used to stay at the Darbar of Guru Sahib to record the happenings. When Guru Hargobind Sahib created the Sikh Army, Brahmins (Bhats), alongside Rajputs and Khatris, joined the forces.

    Among the Bhats, the family of Bhai Bhikha Bhat had a special place in the Guru-karr. Sri Guru Granth Sahib containes the Bani of several poets from this family. And Bhai Mathara Bhat had seven Sloks recorded into the Guru Granth Sahib. In these Sloks, Bhai Mathara Bhat tells about the personality of Guru Raamdas Sahib and Guru Arjan Sahib.

    The first battle in which Guru Hargobind Sahib participated, occured at Ruhela village (now Sri Hargobindpur) on days of 27th september and 3rd october. On 3rd october Bhai Mathara Ji, alongwith other great Shaheeds, fought bravely and drank the Shaheedi nectar. In this battle Bhai Mathara Ji finished the Mughal generals, Baeram Khan and Imam Bakhsh. A Bhat Vahi record is found that shares this event:

    “nwnU bytw mUly kw, poqw rwau kw, pVpoqw cwhV kw, bMs bIJy kw, bMJrwauNq, swl solW sY AT`qRw, k`qk pRivSty qIj ky idhuM, gwm ruhIlw prgxw btwlw ky mlHwn, gurU kw bcn pwie rqnw bytw Bgvwny kw, krmw bytw cMdU kw, bwsI klwnOr ko mwr ky mrw [ gYloN mQrw, bytw iBKy kw, poqw reIey kw, pVpoqw nrsI kw, bMs BgIrQ kw, kOiSS goqR gOV bRwhmx, prwgw bytw goqm kw, Bwrgv goqR, iC`br bRwhmx, hor rx jUJMqy gurU ky joDy swmHy mwQy rx myN jUJ kr mry [”
    (B`t vhI mulqwnI isMDI, Kwqw bMJrauNqo kw)

    The author of ’Gurbilas Pathshahi Chevvin’ mentions Bhai Mathara Bhat Ji with these words:

    jtU igrw dyiK gr sÍwmI [ mQrw sUr pTXo bl DwmI [

    gur crnn kw DXwnu Dir mQrw BXo sucyq [
    qyZ hwQ gih qb hnI kIno qurk Acyq ]96]
    mQrw qb rx soBeI bYrm KW ko mwir [
    rx QMBw jnu hY bnw mno soB iqRpurwir ]97]

    bwn bUMd kInI irs DwrI [ mQrw dyiK kRoD Dir BwrI [
    inj bwnn soN bwn ktwny [ BXo qUMn KwlI inj jwny ]100]
    Fwl AMs gih prw vMgwrI [ Aiq bl soN bhu sYn sMGwrI [
    iemwm b^S kw AsÍ hqwnw [ Gwiel BXo sUr blvwnw ]101]
    sYn mlyCI sB hnI sRI gur ky pRqwpu [
    doaU sUr qb hq pry mwr mwr kr jwpu ]102]

    For more details read 'Bhatan da Kursinama' and 'Bhai Bhikha Bhat'.

    This article is based on Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer's book 'Sikh Panth de 230 Mahan Shaheed - Jinna 1621 toon 1734 taak Shaheedian Dittian'.
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