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  1. IJSingh

    Opinion Martyrdom: Meaning & Purpose

    MARTYRDOM: Meaning & Purpose by I.J. Singh & Neena I. Singh Just days ago, in a large gathering at the local gurduara both of us were commemorating, nay celebrating, the martyrdom day of Guru Arjan. Note that we label this a celebration, not a memorial service as a death would normally be...
  2. spnadmin

    Women Mata Gujri - First Sikh Woman To Go To Shaheedi - Remembered December 27

    Image by Harpreet Singh ji There are some good videos in remembrance of Mata Gujri. Here is one of them. Tomorrow more to come. www.youtube.com/embed/GEXMPEXJVus
  3. Dalvinder Singh Grewal

    Bhai Takhat Singh Zinda Shaheed

    BHAI TAKHAT SINGH ZINDA SHAHEED Col Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal Bhai Takhat Singh of Ferozepur was a rare missionary and a pioneer of women education in nineteenth century. He started school for boys in 1890 and the first school for girls later known as Sikh Kanya Mahavidalya, Ferozepur in...
  4. spnadmin

    Events Shaheed Of Zorowar And Fateh Singh Remembered December 25 (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ & English)

    Christmas? Nah, Happy Shaheedi Purab! See the video at this link Chamak De Taare - YouTube http://sikhactivist.net/happy-shaheedi-purab/ We live in a society dominated by Western culture and values, we are taught about Christmas, while our own history is neglected. However...
  5. Harkiran Kaur

    December 27 Shaheed Of Sahibzaade. Spreading The Word

    Basics Of Sikhi on Youtube and Facebook... on his channel he shared this. I don't know if someone already posted this or not? I can't find it so thought I would share: Sangat Ji, Important news from Punjab...please share far and wide Bhai Rajoana (letter of today) has asked that we all...
  6. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Shaheed SHUSHEEL KAUR - Wife Of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur

  7. Luckysingh

    (In Punjabi/ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) Shaheed Bhagat Singh

    1st video below, click on url. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=0A921ocIe5s The 2nd video below is an answer to the above suggestion. New Punjabi Song Bhagat Singh Di photo ((())) Full Best Video HD**Gurminder GURI - YouTube
  8. sukritkaur

    Remembering The Legacy Of A Sikh Canadian Shaheed, Bhai Meva Singh Ji

    Remembering the Legacy of a Sikh Canadian Shaheed, Bhai Meva Singh Ji Bhai Meva Singh Ji came to Canada in 1906, a time when thousands of new Punjabi Sikh immigrants were coming to Canada looking for greener pastures and a better life. Like many Sikh pioneers, Bhai Meva Singh was employed...
  9. bscheema

    Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha

    Kartar Singh Sarabha (1896–1915) was an Indian revolutionary who was amongst the most famous accused in the Lahore conspiracy trial. A leading luminary of the Ghadar Party, Kartar Singh was executed at Lahore in November 1915 for his role in the Ghadar Conspiracy in February 1915. Early life...
  10. K

    India Condition Of Shaheed Udham Singh's Family

    ‪Condition of Shaheed Udham Singh's family...‬‏ - YouTube
  11. Admin

    Khalsa Aid Update Focus Punjab – Shaheed Parivaars

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  12. G

    Shaheed Baba Deep Singh: How Was He Martyred?

    Sat Sri Akal to all, I just wanted to share a question with my brothers and sisters and hoped you too could help shed some light on a question which has been bugging me. I am a firm believer that Sikhi is a logical and scientific faith - (scientific in the mechanical and deeper...
  13. Sherab

    Shaheed Singhs

    This was an email I received. Below are some of the narrated episodes of those who have witnessed Shaheed Singhs come to protect that which is dear to the Guru. They have been entrusted to Panthic Seva even when they are already in the next world. It is believed that these Shaheed Singhs...
  14. deepsingh87

    Shaheed Ganj

    what does shaheed Ganj means? What is the story behind it?
  15. K

    Shaheed Bhai Jeevan Singh Jee 21st December

    Shaheed Bhai Jeevan Singh Jee By Manvir Singh Khalsa 21st December marks the Shaheedi Diwas (martyrdom day) of Shaheed Bhai Jeevan Singh jee. Bhai Jeevan Singh was born in 1649, who's name was Bhai Jaita jee before he received the divine Amrit...
  16. K

    Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh

    Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Sunday 6th of November 2005 Manvir Singh Khalsa – Panthic Weekly Columnist (KP) - Bhai Mani Singh Ji was the Head Granthi of Sri Darbaar Sahib, Amritsar. Mata Jeeto Ji (short for...
  17. K

    Bibi Harsharan Kaur: The Final Shaheed Of The Chamkaur Battle

    Bibi Harsharan Kaur: The Final Shaheed of the Chamkaur Battle Adapted from Mahinder Singh ChachraaRee in Soora December 1997 Translated by Admin www.tapoban.org In the battle of Chamkaur, Guru Gobind Singh jee and 40 starving Singhs battle the Mughal army. The battle which took place...
  18. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Bhai Taru Singh Ji Shaheed - Sanctity Of KESH

    Bhai Taru Singh Ji is one Famous shaheed of the Sikhs who was SCALPED ALIVE. Bhai Sahib Ji was born in Village Pahluu ( fromerly lahore Dist but now in Dist Amritsar) on this day in the year 1717. He lost his father as a child and was brought up by his mother who was steeped in Gurbani and...
  19. E

    Shaheed Veer Hakikat Rai :Sikhs Dont Lie, Even If They Have To Die

    Veer Hakikat Rai Sikhs do not lie, even if they have to die. http://www.gurmat.info/sms/smsarticles/sikhmartyrs/kakahakikatrai/ The people of Punjab, both Hindus and Muslims, rose against the terrorist rule of the Nawab (Governor) of Sirhind. The Nawab was killed in 1710, i.e., just half...
  20. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Baba Gurbaksh Singh Ji Shaheed

    Baba Gurbaksh Singh jee gave an amazing Shaheedee that is an inspiration for all of us and shows how a Gursikh fights in battle. He died while defending Sree Darbaar Sahib and his example inspired many Shaheeds after him. How A Singh Welcomes Shaheedee Taken From Pracheen Panth Parkaash by...