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Bhai Kishana Ji : Shaheed Of The Battle Of Ruhela In 1621

Jun 1, 2004
Shaheeds from the time of Sixth Nanak, Guru Hargobind Sahib

Bhai Kishana was a supreme soldier in the army of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. He was a brave and zealous man. He showed his bravery in the battle of Ruhela (Sri Hargobindpur). He fought bravely against the army of Bhagwan Dass Kherar on 27th september 1621, the first day of the battle. Six days after this event, the son of Bhagwan Dass brought the forces of Mughal Subedar from Jalandhar. Even so, the Sikhs of Guru’s Army showed great skills in the battlefield. In the start of day’s battle, Bhai Jatto and Bhai Mathara killed many Mughal soldiers. The five heads of the Sikh forces came forward. Their names were: Bhai Nano, Bhai Kaliyana, Bhai Jagna, Bhai Kishana, Bhai Molak/Maloka.

After the Shaheedis of Bhai Jatto, Nano, Mathara and Bhai Molak, Bhai Kishana lead the Sikh troops. He was furious after the Shaheedi of his friends. Quickly, he started waging the sword. In a matter of seconds, he finished the leaders of Mughal forces, Karim Baksh, the brother of Nabih Baksh. After this several other Mughal soldiers were also killed by him. In very short period of time, he did all this. But soon came the moment of his own Shaheedi.

In ’Gurbilas Patshahi Chevin’, Bhai Kishana is mentioned with these words:

QUOTE clw su nwno Dwie klXwxw kRoD Bir [
jgnw ikRSnw sUr su molk hrK Dir [
pWco gur ky sUr cly irs Dwir kY [
sYnw lInI sMig su pry vMgwir kY [
pry cpl irs Dwir ibdwry kuMB gj [
bhu sYn hq kIn bcw jo jwq Bij ]107]

ieq qy dOrXo ikRSnw joDw [
lIey hwQ sYhQI Dir kRoDw [
Awvq hnI qwih aur mwhI [
krIm b^S ky pRwn aufwhI]126]
Swh puqR ko mwir kY sYnw hnI Apwr [
ikRSnw rx jUJq BXo gXo surg qqkwr ]127]

It seems that in the Sikh Army of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, there were two warriors with the name Kishana. Another Bhai Kishana is mentioned in Bhat Vahian, who attained Shaheedi on 27th april, 1635 in the battle of Kartarpur (Jalandhar). He was the son of Bhai Kaoleh (Kaul Ji), grandson of Bhai Ambeeh, and the great grandson of Bhai Udah Karan, and was related to the Chauhan-Rajput family.

This article is based on Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer's book 'Sikh Panth de 230 Mahan Shaheed - Jinna 1621 toon 1734 taak Shaheedian Dittian'.

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