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Bhagat And Bhakti


Nov 14, 2010
Sat Nam _/|\_

Maybe someone with a better understanding of language could answer my question. Are the words "bhagat" and "bhakti" related? I just noticed they both are words about devotion.

Nam Jiwan :singhsippingcoffee:


Apr 25, 2006
Re: "Bhagat" and "Bhakti"

Bhagat and Bhakt are different spellings of the same word. and same with Bhagati and Bhakti. The difference in spelling emerges out of different pronunciations and changes to a word over time, and also when it enters into other languages. It's spelled Bhagat and Bhagati in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. My name comes from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji hence it's Bhagat, but I had a friend pronounce it as Bhakt. Both are fine. Bhagat/Bhakt is one who practices Bhakti/Bhagati (Yog) in one form or another.

You'll find Kanwal and Kamal are the same, meaning lotus. Vishnu and Bishan, the Almighty. Purakh and Purush, meaning Man as in Karta Purakh, Creator Man. Sikh and Shishya meaning disciple of a Guru. Gobind and Govind, referring to Krishna. That leads to Krishan, Krishna, Kisan, Kishan. And so on.

And I think one of the member's names here, Ambarsaria, is the same as Amritsaria meaning one from Amritsar. Then there is Harimandir and Harmandar, the Golden Temple.

There is no end to it.

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