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Benefits Of Meditation For Children

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Benefits of Meditation for Children

One of the main things that can cause a child to become highly irritable and very hostile towards anybody, even to their own parents, is when they experience a lot of stress. When a child becomes stressed, their level of tolerance and attention is greatly diminished, making it difficult to handle them at times.

You can try to de-stress your child through a number of different ways, but most of them are just temporary remedies. The best way to help your child is to teach him how to handle stress himself, thereby giving him the ability to help himself whenever he feels stressed out, and not rely on you all the time. One way that you can actually teach your child to do that is through meditation.

Although meditation may not necessarily sound like something that you should be teaching your child, it is actually a great tool for your child to have, especially since it offers a lot of different benefits. Here are some of the benefits that your child will be able to get from meditation.

Stress Reliever

As mentioned earlier, teaching your child how to properly meditate will help him learn how to get instant relief from being too stressed out. When your child experiences stress, learning how to meditate will equip him with the skill and ability necessary to help him manage his stress, at least enough to not let stress affect him in a very negative way. Meditation teaches the child to employ proper breathing techniques that are designed to calm the body, especially if the breathing technique is done right and regular.

Improves Memory

Learning how to perform the meditation techniques and exercises, especially those that are a bit more technical and takes longer to finish, will not only help your child learn how to improve his ability to cope with stress, but will also help your child improve your child’s memory. The more complicated the meditation exercises become, the harder your child’s memory will have to work to be able to perform them. Allow your child to learn all of the meditation techniques that he is capable of doing, and give him the opportunity to progress by teaching him different meditation exercises, from a basic set of techniques, to a more complicated exercise.

Improves Focus

Another benefit that a child would get from performing alternative therapy meditation exercises is that he will learn how to focus much better. Bear in mind that meditation requires a lot of focus form the person performing the meditation, so a child who is taught how to meditate will also learn how to focus better. Their level of concentration would be heightened, thereby improving a lot of other aspects in their personality and mental ability.

Improves Imagination

One of the more important areas of a child’s mind is his ability to imagine. Meditation can actually help improve a child’s imagination, especially since meditating will sometimes require the child to focus on certain mental images and scenarios that would help him meditate better, thereby making it easier for him to reach a relaxed state. A child may sometimes have to imagine things that are not necessarily real, but is necessary in order for the child to calm down and become more relaxed.

Improves Relationship With Friends

Although your child alone can perform meditation exercises, he can also perform the meditation exercises with a group of friends, or with other people. This is actually a great way for your child to bond with their peers and their friends, as they not only learn how to control and monitor their bodies, but they also can have a great time doing it, as they are doing it with people they know.

Build Stronger Family Relationship

When children experience the level of control and discipline that is needed from them to be able to perform the different meditation exercises, there is a higher possibility that they would not go through a stage of child rebellion that could occur during their teen years, especially since they will be able to monitor and control their emotional and mental problems at an early stage in their lives. Keep in mind that meditation is all about an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical journey that is undergone by the person meditating, so a child who is able to meditate the right way will definitely experience certain changes in those areas in his being.

By Quinto Romero
Published: 4/12/2010

Jed Smith

Aug 28, 2014
Meditation is very good for the children health.
Specially it's good for the mental health, it provides the mental relaxation and improves the brain performance. It works very well to deal with the stress, depression, and anxiety.
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Jed Smith

Aug 28, 2014
Meditation is very good for the children health.
Specially it's good for the mental health, it provides the mental relaxation and improves the brain performance. It works very well to deal with the stress, depression, and anxiety.
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