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Banaaras Ke Thug

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by Sardara123, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Sardara123

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    Awsw ]
    gj swFy qY qY DoqIAw iqhry pwiein qg ]
    ijn@w jpmwlIAw loty hiQ inbg ]
    Eie hir ky sMq n AwKIAih bwnwris ky Tg ]1]
    AYsy sMq n mo kau Bwvih ]
    fwlw isau pyfw gtkwvih ]1] rhwau ]
    bwsn mWij crwvih aUpir kwTI Doie jlwvih ]
    bsuDw Koid krih duie cUly@ swry mwxs Kwvih ]2]
    Eie pwpI sdw iPrih AprwDI muKhu Aprs khwvih ]
    sdw sdw iPrih AiBmwnI sgl kutMb fubwvih ]3]
    ijqu ko lwieAw iqq hI lwgw qYsy krm kmwvY ]
    khu kbIr ijsu siqguru BytY punrip jnim n AwvY ]4]2]

    They wear loin cloths, three and a half yards long, and triple-wound sacred threads.
    They have rosaries around their necks, and they carry glittering jugs in their hands.
    They are not called Saints of the Lord - they are thugs of Benares. ||1||
    Such 'saints' are not pleasing to me;
    they eat the trees along with the branches. ||1||Pause||
    They wash their pots and pans before putting them on the stove, and they wash the wood before lighting it.
    They dig up the earth and make two fireplaces, but they eat the whole person! ||2||
    Those sinners continually wander in evil deeds, while they call themselves touch-nothing saints.
    They wander around forever and ever in their self-conceit, and all their families are drowned. ||3||
    He is attached to that, to which the Lord has attached him, and he acts accordingly.
    Says Kabeer, one who meets the True Guru, is not reincarnated again. ||4||2||
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