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Sikhism Baba Phoola Singh Ji Akali Publication No. 355

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Jun 1, 2004
Admin Singh submitted a new resource:

Baba Phoola Singh Ji Akali - I have given up the idea of fighting face to face with Sikhs. - Pathan Mulan Rashid

The rape of Indian honour was mostly done by the invaders who came to this country via Khyber, Gomal and Bomal passes of Suleiman Ranges in the North West of the country. Our great Sikh elders not only closed these routes of ingress of the tyrants for good but they scared them so much that they dared not turn their faces this way again. Akali Phoola Singh was one of the elders in that list, who is much respected amongst the Sikhs for his courage and bravery.

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