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Ashdoc's movie review---India's most wanted


Movie Critic
Jul 19, 2011

This movie is based on the capture of dreaded islamic terrorist Yasin Bhatkal , who was involved in bomb blasts in cities like Pune , Hyderabad , Ahmedabad and Delhi . It shows how real heroes who capture terrorists are ordinary people who are afraid of their wives and mothers , a far cry from the slick chiselled bodied heroes who fight terrorists in films . The film is an attempt to give these unsung patriots their due . Yasin is referred to as Yusuf in the movie , played by Sudev Nair .

The movie opens with a powerful blast in German bakery in the city of Pune . And the whole movie is interspersed with blasts like this . And after every blast , the villain Yusuf talks in his mind about kafirs ( infidel non muslims ) and jannat ( paradise ) , to which he expects to go after dispatching the kafirs with bombs . Islamic music rings in the background , making clear islam's connection with terrorism . This is exactly what has caught the goat of left / liberal movie reviewers , who have given bad ratings to the film . But actually this is an under rated film . Not bad competition to the film on PM Narendra Modi .that has been released simultaneously .

The hero of the movie is IB ( Intelligence bureau ) operative Prabhat Kapoor , who comes in contact with a source in Nepal . That source is a muslim guy who is taking a grave risk to give lead to Yusuf's whereabouts in Nepal . Prabhat patches together a team to go and capture Yusuf , but the permission to capture him does not come from the high command nor does any money . Never mind , the team decides to disregard orders and nab the terrorist anyway , and they pool in their own money to go get him . If they fail , their careers could be in the line for disobeying orders to not go . Is this madness ? Some would call it patriotism .

While they are on the move , we get to see some breathtaking photography of Nepal . Winding rivers among green tree topped mountains and roads winding along the rivers crossing a river or two give chance for some superb cinematography . There are no stunts or action scenes or big chases . That is what real life nabbing of terrorists is all about . As realistic as it gets . But when it comes to co operation from Nepalese officers , there is disappointment . Some of them form an obstacle to the task , raising guns on the Indian team instead .

There are also the Pakistani operatives of it's intelligence agency ISI active in Nepal , and they come to know through their sources that the Indian team has come to nab Yusuf . And the Pakistanis are much better armed than the pistols that the Indian carry . They carry automatic rifles . Also they have complete permission from their higher ups to prevent Yusuf's capture by use of violence and murder if necessary . On the other hand the Nepalese raise hell with Indian higher ups and Indian higher authorities explode in fury and try to force the team to abort the mission . Remember these were Congress party ruled times and the government was {censored} footed about handling islamic terror . But a India sympathetic Nepalese officer blocks the Pakistani team , and the confrontation between the Indians and Pakistanis does not explode into violence---all realism here and no unnecessary thrills .

Yusuf Played by Sudev Nair is a mysterious figure throughout much of the movie and only his light eyes are seen though the mask hiding his face . When captured , he knows his fate and does not resist much ; this is no action movie . But smiles and talks menacingly . He uses the pseudonym Shah Rukh many times , leading to the frisking and searching of Indian film star Shah Rukh Khan on US airports many times . Arjun Kapoor looks overweight but his acting is decent . Colours and background music and songs are decent . And when the source who led them to Yusuf get to see the terrorist for himself he waives off half his fee for leading them to him ; some muslims are ready to co operate against terror and the Indian team has a muslim operative too . The film is not about religion bashing , but it is clear about it's patriotism too . Vande Mataram rings loud and clear as the movie ends .

Verdict---Very decent .

Three stars out of five .


Mar 23, 2023
It's refreshing to see heroes portrayed as regular individuals rather than the usual action movie stereotypes. I can understand why some reviewers may have had concerns about the portrayal of Islam in the film, but it's great to hear that it focuses more on patriotism rather than religion bashing. It's important to handle sensitive topics with care and respect, so I'm glad they took that approach. The addition of breathtaking photography from Nepal must have really added to the realism and overall experience of the story. It's always nice when movies take the time to capture beautiful locations and incorporate them into the narrative.


Apr 1, 2024
Wow, your detailed review captures the essence of the movie beautifully! It's refreshing to see a film delve into the complexities of counter-terrorism with such authenticity. The portrayal of ordinary individuals stepping up in the face of danger is both inspiring and thought-provoking.



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