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Ashdoc's Movie Review---Baaghi

Discussion in 'Theatre, Movies & Cinema' started by ashdoc, May 27, 2016.

  1. ashdoc

    ashdoc India
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    Jul 19, 2011
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    At last we have our very own Indian martial arts action hero---and he is none other than Tiger Shroff , the son of veteran actor Jackie Shroff . The stunts he can pull , the chops he can hit , the punches he can throw , and the flying kicks he can showcase would leave all the martial arts experts from the far east nations flummoxed .

    And with the martial art form from the south Indian state of Kerala known as kalaripayattu , we have our own Indian martial arts form---something that has existed for centuries but Bollywood has discovered oh-so-late....

    And when the two ( Tiger Shroff and kalaripayattu ) are mixed what we get is---super action !! Action that would leave all other action heroes from Bollywood far behind....

    And Tiger Shroff has an amazing body too---every inch is sinew and muscle . The only thing he lacks as yet is---the fire in the eyes and anger in the soul , which was the hallmark of the acting of the ultimate martial arts icon Bruce Lee . Once he manages to get that , we could have our very own action superstar .

    And an action star who can romance too---as Tiger does with Shraddha Kapoor . He is the rebel without a cause , sent by his dying father to his friend in Kerala . The friend is called as Guruswamy and is played by Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj . On the way in the picturesque journey to God's own country he falls in love with Shraddha , and she with him .

    But her father has betrothed her to Sudheer Babu , who is Guruswamy's son---and thus a future clash is in the wings . But as if to prepare Tiger for the clash , Guruswamy ( who runs a martial arts school teaching kalaripayattu ) trains him personally in the art of physical combat...and the training for it is really really raw . Once the training is complete , Tiger is a literal fighting machine and can hit and beat anybody---except maybe Sudheer Babu , Guruswamy's own son .

    And the two have to come to blows over Shraddha , for she is that good....sweet and delicate and luscious . So good that I dreamt of being the third party in the clash for Shraddha ...maybe I could get her for myself....

    But before the two come to blows , Sudheer Babu has to contend with the opposition to his marriage with Shraddha of his own father Guruswamy , who does not want him to force himself on a woman . So how does he deal with his own father ? And what is the outcome of the clash between the two contenders for the girl ? Watch the movie for the answers....

    The movie moves from Kerala to Bangkok , with glimpses of romance in the virtual sea of action . Whenever the two lovers meet there is rain , and whenever there is rain it is a signal that the two lovers are going to meet !! Which gives us a relief from the non stop action . Sunil Grover acts as Shraddha's father and he gives us does of some really well acted comedy in between .

    Acting wise , the movie cannot be called great....but who cares....Sudheer Babu and his various sidekicks ( all killers ) are mean , Tiger is tough , Shraddha is beautiful and Kerala is even more beautiful !! Music and songs are only decent not great , and photography is okay .

    Verdict---Good .

    Three stars .
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