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Ashdoc's Movie Review---angrezi Mein Kehte Hain....

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Ashdoc's Movie Review---angrezi Mein Kehte Hain....


Movie Critic
Jul 19, 2011

This is a story of people living in the small town of Varanasi in UP . They live a simple no frills middle class existence . The husband Yashwant Batra ( Sanjay Mishra ) is a no nonsense person who dominates his wife and does not allow her to do a money earning job outside home . He works in the post office and provides the basic necessities to his family and feels that this much is enough . His wife comes from a higher class than him and has somewhat taller ambitions about lifestyle than him . And those ambitions include more care and attention and love from him---which is not forthcoming . Yashwant feels humiliated at the household functions of his wife's family due to their difference in class and is reluctant to go there .

But the wife named Kiran ( Ekavali Khanna ) is nice and adjustable and has adjusted with this arrangement for 24 years without complaining too much . The couple have daughter named Preeti ( Shivani Raghuvanshi ) , who feels her mother's discomfort and is more rebellious . She is in love with a neighbouring boy called Jugnu ( Anshuman Jha ) who her father dislikes maybe because he has the looks of a loafer from the streets of Banaras . Father feels that he can get a better match for his daughter .

Matters come to a head when father arbitrarily decides the marriage of his daughter without consulting her or her mother and the daughter breaks out into open rebellion by secretly marrying the boy she loves . When her father slaps her for this , she openly chides him for not treating her mother properly for years and says she does not want this kind of life . As the verbal confrontation grows more intense , Yashwant asks his wife to leave him for good . She is shocked but agrees to go if her daughter is married by proper rituals to the boy she loves . Yashwant agrees and the daughter is married again by the parents to Jugnu , the boy she loves .

After the wedding when Kiran prepares to leave , Yashwant does not stop her and she goes to her brother's house . Jugnu's father gets her a job in a college as lecturer and she likes it there . But Yashwant is secretly missing his wife . His daughter , her husband and father in law put pressure on him to woo back his wife . This leads to some corny situations where Yashwant sends roses to the wrong female lecturer by mistake and gets beaten up .

Kiran's brother sends her to a foreign country to start a new life , but she misses her husband there and sends him letters there . Yashwant responds and they have correspondence by letters in which matters are settled between them . Kiran decides to come back and asks for Yashwant to receive her at the airport to take her home .

Meanwhile Yashwant comes into contact with a man ( played by Pankaj Tripathi---without whom no film based in UP can be complete ) who is trying to save his sick wife's life and cares for her in hospital . He desperately tries to keep the romance in their marriage alive even these circumstances . As Yashwant sees the man's wife die before his eyes , he realises the value of what he had and what he lost . He decides to change himself to suit his wife's tastes . He decides to become more adjustable and flexible and modern and caring and loving and attentive to his wife's concerns .

When his wife lands back in India , it is changed husband she sees . And his daughter and son in law are thrilled to see this . As his scooter takes off with his wife , better days are ahead for this middle aged couple .

It is a simple story and very simply shown on screen , but somewhere there is an endearing quality that you like . This could be the story of normal people who are unlike screen heroes who have larger than life love stories . It could be the story of you and me and countless ordinary people .

Background music and songs are decent and photography is okay . Acting is good by everyone .

Verdict---Decent .

Three stars out of five .

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