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As Seen, As Described

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by Sardara123, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Sardara123

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    mwJ mhlw 5 ]
    Anhdu vwjY shij suhylw ]
    sbid Anµd kry sd kylw ]
    shj guPw mih qwVI lweI Awsxu aUc svwirAw jIau ]1]
    iPir iGir Apuny igRh mih AwieAw ]
    jo loVIdw soeI pwieAw ]
    iqRpiq AGwie rihAw hY sMqhu guir AnBau purKu idKwirAw jIau ]2]
    Awpy rwjnu Awpy logw ]
    Awip inrbwxI Awpy Bogw ]
    Awpy qKiq bhY scu inAweI sB cUkI kUk pukwirAw jIau ]3]
    jyhw ifTw mY qyho kihAw ]
    iqsu rsu AwieAw ijin Bydu lihAw ]
    joqI joiq imlI suKu pwieAw jn nwnk ieku pswirAw jIau ]4]3]10]

    Maajh, Fifth Mehl:
    The Unstruck Melody resounds and resonates in peaceful ease.
    I rejoice in the eternal bliss of the Word of the Shabad.
    In the cave of intuitive wisdom I sit, absorbed in the silent trance of the Primal Void. I have obtained my seat in the heavens. ||1||
    After wandering through many other homes and houses, I have returned to my own home,
    and I have found what I was longing for.
    I am satisfied and fulfilled; O Saints, the Guru has shown me the Fearless Lord God. ||2||
    He Himself is the King, and He Himself is the people.
    He Himself is in Nirvaanaa, and He Himself indulges in pleasures.
    He Himself sits on the throne of true justice, answering the cries and prayers of all. ||3||
    As I have seen Him, so have I described Him.
    This Sublime Essence comes only to one who knows the Mystery of the Lord.
    His light merges into the Light, and he finds peace. O servant Nanak, this is all the Extension of the One. ||4||3||10||
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