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General Are We Human Or Are We All Stars

Alluma Nati

Jan 27, 2012
One of the theory's that I have thought about before was that our souls are what fills the Universe, the Stars and we have been given by God human bodies to experience life with, feeling emotions, growing spiritually and when we die we go back to our Star in the Universe until it's time for us to live a new life after we've had some time to reflect on what we did in our most recent life.

A question I have though is if the Universe is expanding are there new stars that are forming as well? For if so that would explain another theory I've had which is, in this world I believe there to be New, Young, Old and Ancient Souls with Ancient, Old and Young souls already achieving spiritual enlightenment which allows us to come back to the physical body and the new souls purpose is to find their way through the guidance of the Old and Ancient Souls so that they can achieve spiritual enlightenment for the first time and fill one of the empty Stars in the Universe with their soul so that they can reflect on life then come back for a new adventure in life.

I would also like to share this theory too, if the Universe is Heaven then all of us souls in our human bodies are Fallen Angels from Heaven but how do we know who is supposed to be in charge? Well, that's what Astrology is for, the Zodiac signs Souls of the Constellations are who are in charge and one of them is in charge of the rest when he has to do so and that is the One Soul who has four eyes, the two you look with, the One in the middle of your forehead and the One in the back of the head which allows the Soul who can open that eye get in touch with the soul of the Universe itself.

These are just theory's of mine and thought I'd share them with all you here, let me know if you like them... icecreamkaur

Alluma Nati

Jan 27, 2012
I've been pondering again...

*Pinky & The Brain - Intro*
Pinky & The Brain Theme Song - YouTube

I'm board, what could we possibly do with a weird thinking mind like mine and having four other characters to work with, by that I'm talking about Yin\Sun*Tzu/Yang & (Big Red), I would go into detail about them but I'm keeping them quiet for all they do is confuse people then they don't understand what I'm saying and then write me off as crazy and to ensure that doesn't happen here I am talking to you like this...

*Saliva - Click Click Boom - Naruto amv*
Naruto Movie 3 - Click Click Boom - Saliva - YouTube

As you can see I can think of things no one else thinks about and I'm just going to give you a sample of what I got to offer all of you, LOOK, I can balance an Elephant on my head and juggle seven ***** (Metaphorically speaking of course!) while telling you a story...

*Barack Obama - Single Ladies Parody*
Beyoncé - Single Ladies SPOOF (Barack Obama) - YouTube

I Know this is old, but what could you possibly do with all this youtube poop that's out there, especially if you had a meticulous eye you could use it to send secret messages...

*Venetian Princess - Womanizer Parody*
Britney Spears - Womanizer - Parody - YouTube

Why do people make parody's, some of them are okay but some are just down right stupid, nerds know what I mean...

*Saliva - Ladies & Gentlemen*
DBZ AMV Saliva- Ladies and Gentlemen - YouTube

As you can see I'm a fan of anime, I'm also a big fan of lyrics and timing with what I'm doing at any given time and I'm always thinking long before I start speaking but with how much I've been thinking, I already have the proper direction I need to slowly guide the conversation towards once again speaking about what it was I was interrupted from saying so that I may continue on with the...

*Da Weasel Monkey King*
Da Weasel Monkey King - YouTube

This is what Yin\Sun*Tzu/Yang & (Big Red) help me do, they paint their target with a Pentagram then surround and attack from multiple directions...

*Movie - Forbidden Kingdom*
The Forbidden Kingdom - Full Movie Eng Dub - YouTube

This is a good movie if you sit down and take the time to watch it, I don't expect you to do so right now but if you've watched this movie before and know about Yin\Sun*Tzu/Yang & (Big Red) you should be lol right now...

Anyways, what this all boils down to is that I don't know what I'm talking about and can't give anyone specific guidance, but I can give good advice and I know what to use youtube poop for, but Shh... it's an Ancient Chinese Secret!

*House of Pain - Jump Around*
fairy tail amv - jump around - YouTube

I'm going to test out my new telephone I got that will make all the Ladies go Bananna's. (You will have to add these next two videos together to see what I mean...)

*Train - Calling all Angles*
anime - calling all angels - YouTube

*Gwen Stefani - Hollback Girl*
Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (Clean Version) - YouTube

Well, I got the answering machine, guess I better leave a message... (Don't forget to add...)

*White Stripes - Seven Nation Army*
Vampire Hunter bloodlust White Stripes seven nation army amv - YouTube

*E Nomine - Lucifer*
E Nomine - Lucifer - YouTube

*AC/DC - Back in Black*
AMV - The Prince Of Darkness - AC-DC (Back In Black) - YouTube

*Hymn to Herne*
Hymn To Herne - YouTube

*Pink - Get the party Started*
P!nk - Get The Party Started - YouTube

I know the Stars are busy but I know us nerds who are curious and patient aren't, anyways I hope you all realize that I got so much more I can do for all of us if I see that anyone is interested in my secret innuendo language... gingerteakaur

Alluma Nati

Jan 27, 2012
I guess I'm only getting views in this thread to see where I'm going with if and if I'm going to use words to explain instead of just saying something random after playing a music video. Well people, to that question I don't have an answer to as my thoughts are random until I see one that I like then I keep the motion going in full forward thought wrote out so I can reread and fully understand what I mean then decide what to reveal next.

How about my beliefs, I believe in past lives and reincarnation, astrology, palmistry, numerology, The Lucifer (who has many names in different cultures religions) and that our souls are connected to the Stars and Constellations in the Universe, I also believe that there is a God/Gods that were there before the Big Bang to cause it to happen fore you can't build something with nothing so without the God/Gods, materials and cause the effect of the Big Bang would not have happened and you wouldn't have the opportunity to be reading this right now or seeing this...

*Monster Magnet - Spacelord*
Space Lord (outlaw star AMV) - YouTube

The Venus Pentagram happens for a reason, just like people having Pentagram's in their palm lines, that's how we recognize who we are and who we are is the Fallen Angles who are not fallen, we are here doing our mission which is ITS work and we are entertainers, scholars , teachers and good story tellers... (Witch's say*Sorry to interrupt Alluma but we go it from here, This story begins with a young boy when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he said "a Savior", all the adults around laughed and told "well, good luck with that" said with a smirk on the face but one of the families had an idea to test the boy.*)

(Witch's say*It's the kind of test that you can't do over night, the kind that takes almost a life time to happen but the young boy who grew into a young man with people thinking that he is not going to be able to live up to his expectations surprised them once the understood how the test subject spoke which is through other people and filling in the blanks between songs.*)

I got it from here Ladies... (Witch's Nod...) I got to the point in my life and how I figured out that this next song best describes who I am and I'm looking for my long lost gypsy family who I have an excellent story for when they find me that's if it's real or...

*Matt Mays Cocaine Cowgirl*
Matt Mays- Cocaine Cowgirl! - YouTube

I like that song, it was a good chapter in my life except it led to eventually being charged but I was eventually arraigned or whatever, I was let go and not because I talked, there was just no evidence that I was a part of what they were charging me for.

Now I'm in a new chapter of my life, the one where since I have all the time in the world to think about the things I read about online cause I don't have a job or personal life meaning family. Anyways, what I'm talking about is to do with the search of whatever this poem means to you...

"Here in this land forever I AM cursed to be in Man craving the thirst, FORE the knowledge to speak to share with those who seek, the true words that I write the true words that I sight, with mind open and free FORE this is how to be, mindful is what I AM FORE the all that I can, sing to your Soul FORE it from He holds within a key to set your mind also wide open and free. Forever I can write and always in this way, just and in order with words that relay, a message from the Mother who wants us to come together, to stand for what's true and right and the true light in the night."

I will eventually find the right words but till then here is another video and it's what will happen if you open "Pandora's Box" on my youtube channel...

*Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment*
Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment - YouTube

Now we're at the pace I like to go which isn't too fast or too slow but just the right pace to finish first place at the end of the race which is already over and now that I have you hooked I won't let you go without putting up a fight...

So do any of you have anything to say yet for I do like to hear other people thoughts, you could catch me off guard, that's if someone knew what in the World I was talking about for in the traditional way it does not make sense, well not complete sense... :whatzpointkudi:

Does there even have to be a point to have a conversation, I know who said that, it was...

*Sun Tzu said That*
Sun Tzu Said That - YouTube

I would say yes, the best conversations are one with a point and the point of this one is do any of you really believe that some people are more enlightened than others and that in our day and age there can be such a thing as a Prophet after all, I claim to have the Souls of Yin\Sun*Tzu/Yang & (Big Red) in me but there is a proper time and place for everything and the time to get to know who they are was in my thread "Pentagram in Palm Lines..." though if you missed it there here you go...

*Who is Yin\Sun*Tzu/Yang & (Big Red)?*

Now, you can reread the post and know what I've been talking about and everything will make more sense, I'm sorry for not being able to put all my thoughts into my own words but what I'm talking about is bigger than me, it's about everyone... gingerteakaur

Alluma Nati

Jan 27, 2012
That's the spirit Kanwaljit Singh, just one thing though, I'm not Illuminati, my name is Alluma Nati, I can understand the confusion though I just want to point out the difference, I'm not rich, powerful and have connections, I'm just a Lone Wolf out on his own with no pack to hunt with...

Perhaps one day I will find a pack that will recognize me for who I am to all the Wolves in the World, just watch what happens when I ****...

[Admin note: What is the point of posting such gross videos? Next time such videos would invite an infraction. You are warned. Thank you.]

*Naruto amv - Let it Rock*
Naruto AMV - Let It Rock - YouTube

That's right Barack, I got my eyes on you and you haven't been being good, but I realise that you can't do what you really want to do, you have to do what the people who financially back you want done, well, that's what I'm here for, I'm here to cut the strings to the financial puppeteers FORE I AM...

Edward Scissorhands Soundtrack: The Grand Finale - YouTube

Snipity Snip Snip... too bad no one can see me, if only people were both more curious and patient and had more time in their lives to look my threads over you might find it yummy food for the brain... icecreamkaur
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Alluma Nati

Jan 27, 2012
Dear Admin. Your warning is heeded, I'm sorry and I will post no more videos like the one in question. I guess it depends on what a person finds amusing, how it may not make sense or disgusts another person and so you know, in the video that was deleted I found it funny how the pigs stopped squealing when the cow started peeing and didn't start again until the cow was done.

I also see that you took out the comment about a Bull peeing on the White House, I know, sometimes I may appear to get carried away but that is why I placed this topic in hard talk as it's supposed to be controversial...

*Green Day - American Idiot*
green day - american idiot HD - YouTube

Without controversy your mind can't grow to it's true potential, the mind must be challenged or it becomes board and lazy unlike mine...

*Karmin - Crash your Party*
Karmin - Crash Your Party (Official) - YouTube

But what do I mean, what I say makes no sense and is so random plus the music video breaks, what's up with those. Well it's a story that I know that can be told in so many different ways but at the end it all makes complete sense once everything has been tied together...

*Star of Wonder*
Star of Wonder - Sara Groves - YouTube

*Boa - Hurricane Venus*
BoA(ë³´ì•„)_HURRICANE VENUS_뮤ì§ë¹„디오(MusicVideo) - YouTube

The be serious, Venus is the Star of Wonder because of the Pentagram Pattern it make with Earth as they evolve around the Sun and because it's the brightest object we can see in the night sky that disappears only to reappear again before dawn hence "The Lucifer" the barer of light as it's a sign the Sun will soon rise. But there is so much more to the story than just that, there's the souls that make up "The Lucifer" who hide in the Soul of Taurus the Golden Bull of Heaven, the Soul of Venus the Goddess of Love, the four Jinn's and what their purpose in life is...

*Taurus the Dragon Witch King*
Taurus - The Dragon Witch King - YouTube

*2012 Lucifer Returns*
2012 Lucifer Returns - YouTube

*Sun Tzu, the Jinn's and his Witch...*
Sun Tzu the Jinn's and his Witch... - YouTube

This is the story I'm telling you all about, I hope you like what you've seen, heard and read so far and this is only the beginning of what is to come for this story is being written day by day and it is never ending just to prove to the Atheistic Psychiatric and Psychological communities realize that they picked on the wrong person and I've been studying everyone with...

*Great White - Eye of the Tiger*
Eye of the Tiger - Great White w/lyrics - YouTube

Every good movie needs good music in it and mine has a wide range of music selection from different parts of the World, from the U.S.A to South Korea to...

*Classified - Oh... Canada*
Classified - Oh...Canada - YouTube

*Tara/Tiara - We are the One*
[MV HD] Tara/ Tiara - We Are The One - YouTube

*All American Rejects - Give you Hell*
Gives You Hell (Full Narrative Version) - YouTube

So now you all know the direction I'm heading with my movie idea and I apologized for the disgusting video I linked in the last post, all that's left for me to do is write something interesting to make you want to check out the videos I placed in meticulous order for a reason which is find a way to get peoples full attention like I deserve and say...

*Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello*
Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello (Official Music Video) [HD] - YouTube

I'm such an underachiever, I'll never be able to do anything to live up to the expectations that have been placed upon my Soul which is as stubborn as a Bull and I will go on for as long as it takes to make all the gingerbread men's necks to break... gingerteakaur

Alluma Nati

Jan 27, 2012
In this world there are different types of people, there the old fashioned type who like everything in words that crystal clear defines what is being said at any given time, then there are those who like playing with their thoughts and words, like me who must be from a different world and I might be the leader the good guys have been looking for, then you have the people who don't say anything, there is also the lurking lunkers that occasionally strike which is what I'm looking to catch with this one and many other sub categories of what side of the next video you are on...

*Martians vs. Goblins*
Martians Vs. Goblins - YouTube

If you're going to watch any of the videos in this post then this should be the one for it determines what type of person you are and if you can keep wits up with Crazy Bull Taurus... swordfight
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Aug 18, 2005
Fremont, California
Just study Guru Granth Sahib, which will answer all of your questions. find someone learned in Gurbani to help you with any questions. Don't just ask any poojaari or granthi, they are only doing their job and are not equipped to understand Gurbani.

Alluma Nati

Jan 27, 2012
Just study Guru Granth Sahib, which will answer all of your questions. find someone learned in Gurbani to help you with any questions. Don't just ask any poojaari or granthi, they are only doing their job and are not equipped to understand Gurbani.

How would I know if I'm speaking to a poojaari or granthi and not a Girbani when I don't know exactly what those words translate into Harsimiritkaur?

Also I'm curious to know more about the son of compassion, Dharma the mythical bull, his name jumped out at me as soon as I started reading the Guru Granith Sahib, is he someone special? gingerteakaur

Alluma Nati

Jan 27, 2012
I decided not to be lazy and answered the questions on my own Harsimiritkaur but I still am curious to know if the Guru Granith Sahib mentions more about Dharma?

I've been doing some searches on Dharma to see what I could find and I found this and I'm wondering if the Sikh faith is along the same lines as the Buddha belief system?

*Buddha Dharma*

Ten Ways To Build a Strong Practice
1: Consistency: A good strong practice is developed over a long period of time and we should understand this from the very beginning. We must be in it for the long haul and practice like we eat, everyday, and several times a day, even if some of the sessions are short. Just as we nourish the body best with rest, exercise; and nourishing food, our practice should be based on good teachings, authentic teachings.

2: Be patient with yourself and believe in yourself.

3: Discipline desires, but don't suppress them. A good practitioner is able to sublimate the energy of desire and direct it inward, and rest in the sense of fulfillment this brings.

4: Keep the body light and pliant, diet disciplined, and sleep not too much nor too little.

5: Choose a practice that suits your temperament and stay with it. Since the fault usually lies in the application, always look to improve how you practice and don't worry so much about which technique is best.

6: Keep your life as simple as possible, with the fewest distractions.

7: Cultivate friendships with others who are better than you or your equal.

8: Seek out a good teacher and put his advice into practice. Rely on instructions from authentic sutra texts when no teacher is available.

9: Put aside all thoughts about progress and just work hard. You'll know when you get there.

10: Be sincere. More than anything else, being sincere will assure your success.

Those are good rules to follow and I kinda have been my hole life without realizing it until I read it and now that I'm even more aware of it than before I can say for certain we humans are more than just a mammal, there is a Soul inside us, something that makes us sentient and they're each connected to the Universe... gingerteakaur

I also stumbled across this site that tell's you about the Cow, Bull and Calf and their history in religious mythology...

*Cattle - Cow, Bull & Calf*
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