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Are Sikhs Becoming Idol Worshippers?

Our problem is due largely to the fact that we continue to lose many people and fail again to teach them the real Sikh Spirituality and condemn and discard Rituality. If we continue to insist on Rituality, the day is not far off, we will one day be gobbled up by the Asral of .... If you look to SGPC, Badal and Bibi and Joginder S. Sandhu, they are using SGPC/Panthic leadership as spring board to gain Ministerial berths. It is for all of us in Diaspora to do something solid to prevent this onslaught. Sikhs need a Think Tank of selfless, non-corrupt and well fed ready with full stomach and empty bladders to find out ways and means to bring out Sikhism that Guru Nanak and his successors have left for us as SGGS.
I see way to many desi Sikhs that insist that caste is an important part of heritage...even among Sikhs that follow a strict rehat. Findings in astrological or numerological readings are followed more staunchly than Gurbani readings. Some keep pictures of their gurus, many even bowing and praying to them, or keeping cell phones near them "in case Guru needs to make a special call." Others have kitchens are obsessed over to the brahministic standards of succha...sometimes going as far as saying that succha is kept so the first bowl of food can be offered to Guru Sahib.

To these desis, these habits are an important part of culture. To a westerner, they are are ludicrous.

But there is something much more sinister behind this...and it isn't the mere differences between East and West.

All of these trappings play right in to the hands of the extremist Hindus that are always looking to justify their view that Sikhism is simply a sect of Hinduism. These culture-worshipping Sikhs are playing right in to their hands.