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    Sikh News Dera Sachkhand Versus Turbaned Sikhs In Vienna

    11 injured as Sikh rival worshippers clash in Vienna "Witnesses said the fight erupted at the Sikh temple after a dispute over the sermon, given by a man identified by the Austrian Press Agency as Shri Guru Ravidas Sabha." I am really very sad over this incident :8-(:. What impression we put...
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    Worshippers Attend Franklin Opening (Home News Tribune)

    FRANKLIN — Yesterday was a new beginning for Hindu devotees of the Arsha Bodha Center who say they already feel blessed just from the peace of mind they get from the facility's many services and classes...
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    Are Sikhs Becoming Idol Worshippers?

    Our problem is due largely to the fact that we continue to lose many people and fail again to teach them the real Sikh Spirituality and condemn and discard Rituality. If we continue to insist on Rituality, the day is not far off, we will one day be gobbled up by the Asral of .... If you look to...