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Islam Are Sikh Women Expected To Cover Head At All Time?

Inderjeet Kaur

Oct 13, 2011
Seattle, Washington, USA
Though I am not an authority to guide someone on this aspect, yet I would like to speak out my experience on such matters.
As per SRM keeping of hair is mandatory as also covering your head when you enter a Gurdwara or when you are ( not a religious edict but a social practice/custom) in the presence of your husband's (if you are married) Male relatives who happen to be elder to your husband.
I personally do not deem it fit, girls/women, tying Turbans. A dupatta is good enough. For sports the girls can tie a scarf.

Two points.

First, the SRM deems it fit for a woman to tie turban, if she chooses.

Sikh Reht Maryada
Section Four
Living in Consonance with Guru's Tenets (Gurmat Rehni)
Article XVI
t. For a Sikh, there is no restriction or requirement as to dress except that he must wear Kachhehra (A drawer type garment fastened by a fitted string round the waist, very often worn as an underwear.) and turban. A Sikh woman may or may not tie turban.

Second point (usually overlooked). The SRM spells out the minimum that a Sikh should do. One can always choose to do more.


Jan 20, 2023
In Sikhism or Hinduism in Punjab head covering by women is done to show due respect to elderly male relatives of other father figures. The practice has no connection as in Islam to show modesty in the subject women.

As far as liberty is concerned Sikh women have equal rights as men whereas in Islam a women cannot go alone outside her residence and she must be accompanied by her husband, a women, a brother, or her son and she must be fully covered by a Burka. A Sikh women can interact with any male a relative or otherwise but in Islam she is not allowed to interact and in some acute circumstances if she has to she will speak standing behind a curtain, a wall etc.
In religious congregations Sikh Women can partake on equal footing to men sitting opposite each other in groups or side by side. But in Islam the women have no right to participate. Moreover the Muslim womenfolk are considered as chattels.
So much ignorance in your comment, first Burqua is not mandatory in islam, just show me where in the Quran Says women should wear it!?
secondaly, women in islam can fight in wars next to men, and you are saying that muslims women can not go outside without a husband? How can she fight then??The husband ride the horse and she hold the sword 😂?
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