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  1. aristotle

    India Bihar Chief Minister Refuses To Cover Head In Gurdwara, Irks Sikh Community

    Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has stoked a controversy after he refused to cover his barehead inside a gurudwara on Thursday evening. Nitish had gone to Bal Leela Gurudwara to inaugurate a six-storied rest house. Nitish was accorded a grand reception by the Sikh community at his visit to the gurudwara...
  2. Archived_Member16

    Canada Sponsors Must Cover Welfare Costs: SCOC

    June 10, 2011 Sponsors must cover welfare costs: SCOC Governments must not forgive debts in hardship cases, ruling confirms CBC NewsPosted: Jun 10, 2011 9:30 PM ET Last Updated: Jun 10, 2011 9:46 PM ET  The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the right of federal and provincial...
  3. seeker3k

    To Cover Our Heads Or Not?

    Hello all, I just came back to Canada from my trip to India after 5 months. It was exciting and interesting trip. When I was in India I use to read Ajit news paper in Punjabi. One of the jathedar had the message for the Sikhs that there should be no Gurus picture or Gurbani verses on the...
  4. findingmyway

    Pacific Australia Floodwaters Cover Area Bigger Than Texas

    Queensland, Australia — Military aircraft dropped supplies to towns cut off by floods in northeastern Australia as the prime minister promised new assistance Friday to the 200,000 people affected by waters. Southern Australia, meanwhile, soaring temperatures and tinder dry conditions have...
  5. findingmyway

    UK 'Cover Up' Claims Over Asian Sex Gangs

    'Cover up' claims over Asian sex gangs Charities and agencies working with victims of sexual abuse have been accused of covering up the role of British Pakistani Muslims in sexually exploiting young white British girls. Charities and agencies working with victims of sexual...
  6. K

    General Sikh-Muslim Couple Gets Cover

    CHANDIGARH: In a first, inter-religion live-in partners have got security from the Punjab and Haryana High Court after religious heads refused to solemnize their marriage unless they converted to one religion. That left them with the only option of marrying under the Special Marriage Act...
  7. L

    Islam Are Sikh Women Expected To Cover Head At All Time?

    Just wondering... Are Sikh women expected to cover their head at all time? :confused: I know everyone are expected to cover their heads when entering the holy places as a sign of respect, but I didn't hear about covering head at all time for Sikh women before...
  8. Admin

    FAQs Why Do Sikhs Cover Their Hair With A Turban?

    When the religion was founded over 500 years ago, only wealthy men wore turbans as a sign of status and many kings wore turbans. Since Sikhs have believed in the equality of all people since the creation of their religion, all Sikhs wear the turban as a sign of equality.
  9. S

    Sikh News Centre Assures Funds To Punjab To Increase Forest Cover Area (New Kerala)

    Chandigarh, Sept 17 : The Union Forest Ministry today assured total support to Punjab in its forestry related programmes to enable the state to increase its forest cover from 6.3 per cent to 15 per cent by the end of this year. More...
  10. S

    The Hindu Business Line : Insurance Cover For Car Glass Too! (The Hindu)

    Insurance cover for car glass too! CHENNAI: Windshield Experts, a pioneer in car glass repair and replacement in the country, on Tuesday announced its national tie-up with Cholamandalam MS General Insurance for automotive glass claims...
  11. N

    Islam Under The Cover Of Islam

    Toronto -- As a young Canadian Muslim who has called for reform in Islam, I've been traveling throughout North America and Europe over the past year. Last week, I toured France and Spain. God help me. I didn't expect a warm reception from fellow Muslims. But now, I'm also not sure that liberal...