Islam American Pens Quran Against Islamophobia

Sat Nam

I came across this article while reading from my Twitter feed over coffee. gingerteakaur Wow! This guy is an awesome artist! I've always thought Islamic calligraphy is beautiful, but this artist is the best I've ever seen. And he's not Muslim! He's penned the entire Quran and makes some beautiful art with Islamic calligraphy.

Nam Jiwan
Annie ji

He has such a unique style. He kind of blends Islamic calligraphy within interesting shapes that aren't usually used with Islamic calligraphy, but it really works, doesn't it?

Nam Jiwan kaurhug
Thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us. I have always thought that Islamic calligraphy was beautiful, and this really shows its true beauty.

Its refreshing to see something so positive about religion in the media. Everyday the media seems to highlight the actions of the tiny minority of extremists aiming to divide us all along racial/religious lines. The truth is, the vast majority of people have a deep respect for other religions, unfortunately, they just don't get the same media focus that the fanatics do.

Going off topic...Thanks again for sharing this. Peace guys.

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