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American Citizen On A Mission To Preach Sikh Values

Vikram singh

Feb 24, 2005
Chandigarh, Jul 2 (PTI) An American citizen who adopted Sikhism and has been living in India for the past 38 years, has made it his mission to teach Sikh values.
Ralph Singh (58), who originally hails from Syracuse in New York, preaches, especially in Punjab, the importance of maintaining one's values and culture.

Addressing mediapersons here today, Ralph expressed concern about the "lack of values among the new generation Sikhs" and felt that the "unassailable character that the Gurus instilled in the Sikhs has been lost." "As a result, not just the Sikh community, but Punjab, too suffers," he said.

He said that he came to India in 1971 to spiritually enlighten himself and added that till the age of 22, the time when he finished his studies, he had not seen or even heard about Sikhs.

"When I landed in India, I met spiritual guru, Baba Virsa Singh and his deeds inspired me so much that I decided to adopt Sikhism as a faith. Though my wife Joginder Kaur is a Sikh, both my sons Chetan and Tejbir, who live in US, decided to convert to Sikhism on their own," says Ralph, who wears a turban and keeps a beard.

His message to the youth is "not to give up their values and not to be corrupted by society".

Ralph said that he has made a special study of Guru Nanak Dev's true follower Baba Sri Chand, which he will release at a public function in September. PTI