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Ahankaar -One Of The Five Evils

Oct 14, 2007
Ahankar is the Gurmukhi word which translates to means ego or excessive pride due to one's possessions, material wealth, intelligence or powers. It gives an individual the feeling that he is superior to others and therefore they are at a lower level than him. It leads to jealousy, feelings of enmity and restlessness amongst people. Sikhism requires that a person serves society and community with Nimrata or humility. And this is obtained by Sewa and hence, one see the practise of devotees cleaning the footwear of visitors to a Gurdwara so that the mind of devout Sikh is made more humble.

This Carinal Evil is often regarded by Sikhs as the worst of the five evils. Pride makes human beings believe that they are more important than others. It makes them treat others badly and unequally, leading to injustice. Pride makes human beings take personal credit for the successes, good qualities, wealth and talents they have. It makes them forget that God is responsible for these things and leads them away from reunion. Pride leads to Haumai because it makes people believe that they are the most important thing in life and leads to self-centredness.

The following Shabads from Gurbani clarify this cardinal vice:
SGGS Page 51Full Shabad
The world is drunk, engrossed in sexual desire, anger and egotism.

SGGS Page 141Full Shabad
Renounce sexual desire, anger, falsehood and slander;
forsake Maya and eliminate egotistical pride.

SGGS Page 223Full Shabad
The duality of Maya dwells in the consciousness of the people of the world. They are destroyed by sexual desire, anger and egotism. ((1))

SGGS Page 366Full Shabad
They complain about other peoples` faults, while their own self-conceit only increases.

SGGS Page 501Full Shabad
In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, redeem your mind, and adore the Lord, twenty-four hours a day. Sexual desire, anger and egotism will be dispelled, and all troubles shall end. ((2))

1.Kam (Lust) 2.Krodh (Rage) 3. Lobh (Greed) 4. Moh (Attachment) 5. Ahankar (Ego)


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