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Sikh News Age Of Empires Iii! Very Important!


Apr 25, 2006
Hey people, I heard about Age of Empires 3, the asian dynasties, their 2nd expansion pack. So i thought cool they will have sikhs in the expansion, when Sikhs had their own empire, but when i checked it out, it said "India" in the "19th" century. I was like {censored}? China 16th century, japan 16th century then INDIA 19th CENTURY??
So I thought maybe they have Sikhs with the rest of the Indian army. But no ...
  • Starts with two elephant-mounted Brahmin units instead of an Explorer.
  • Villagers cost Wood instead of Food.
  • Villagers arrive at no cost with most Home City Shipments.
  • Livestock cannot be harvested for Food, but can be tasked to Sacred Fields for experience points.
Why coudn't they include a SIkh empire??? for more info
I think we should do something about this! Reply back ASAP!!

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