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Sikh News After Turban Issue In France, Kirpan Controversy Rocks Chandigarh

Jun 1, 2004
After turban issue in France, kirpan controversy rocks Chandigarh,00430005.htm

Even as the French turban issue involving Sikhs refuses to settle down, another
religious symbol of the community is in the eye of a storm - this time back home
in India.

The kirpan, a three-foot-long sword kept by baptised Sikhs at all times as part
of their religious attire, has raked up a controversy.

One of the five high priests of the Sikhs - jathedar (head) of Damdama Sahib
Sikh temple Balwant Singh Nandgarh - last week refused to enter the US Embassy
in New Delhi after he was asked to deposit his kirpan.

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