USA A Sikh Father Run Over Outside Ozone Park, Queens Office

Tejwant Singh


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Thursday, July 31, 2014
OZONE PARK (WABC) -- After a terrifying minute and a half, married father of two, Sandeep Singh was nearly killed Wednesday morning outside of his office on 99th Street in Ozone Park. Sandeep is now in critical condition at the hospital.

Baldey Singh was with Sandeep when he was hit by a pickup truck, and only talked to Eyewitness News. The two men were wrapping up their evening, had just finished dinner and were saying goodbye. As they were standing in the street, the driver of a white pickup pulls up.

"We just crossed in front of his car, he then slowed down," says Baldey.

Baldey says the drive then yelled a racial slur at him and his friends. Sandeep was annoyed, and with his hand, hit the truck. The driver pulled forward, stopped, and then got out of the vehicle, holding something in his hand. Baldey says that at that point, they were concerned, afraid, and felt threatened.

More heated words were exchanged, and the driver got back in his truck. However, Sandeep didn't want to let it go, wanted the man to stop, and wanted to call police. The 29-year-old then stepped in front of the pickup truck. The driver hit the gas, and ran right over Sandeep.

Sandeep was dragged roughly 30 feet down 101st Avenue. His body finally came loose from the truck, which kept on going.

A man named Tony ran to help.

"The fact that I see the way the guy dragged him, the guy has no heart, seriously - he's heartless," says Tony, "He was like 'I can't breathe,' he was all slashed up and cut - there was a lot of blood."

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These people are idiots, plain and simple. They make me feel ashamed to call myself an American. How quickly these {censored}s forget. No doubt the non-stop Israel / Palestine footage has got them riled up again.


In any kind of hostile situation and especially where the other party's introduction into some scene is just offensive and abusive...... one should never attempt to retaliate by stepping in front of their vehicle (to test them).
In this day and age you don't know where the guy has come and how intoxicated he may be and with what. There are all sorts of completely mind and character altering drugs like crystal meths,..ketamine..etc.
ALWAYS be cautious in such encounters.


ੴ / Ik▫oaʼnkār
It is said by Police and others all the time as Luckysing ji stated above.

In car/vehicle versus human in impact, car always wins.

In the summer we can become all disturbed and bothered and make stupid decisions. In an altercation with driver to then stand in front of their car/truck, in hindsight is stupid, racial slur or not. Take the information, note down your facts and communicate with Police if serious or life threatening.

Another logic is that all and general racial taunts are signs of deficient mind, the more you ignore the more such minds burn inside. Never respond to a barking dog. He is testing you and stay calm the dog will stop. Just look them in the eye. Get them into non-verbal mode like using the birdie finger. They probably will show it back say something and leave.

Sat Sri Akal.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
There is no bravery in standing in front of a truck/railroad engine/bus or car jeep etc....unless its your intention to become a MARTYR (Tiannamen Square 1984... a Lone Chinese Man stood before TANKS ..and hew as ready to become a Martyr).

One Can be RIGHT..and one can be DEAD-RIGHT. Its better to be RIGHT and ALIVE.....and make the idiots PAY via LIVE testimony/proofs/court cases etc..than by lying in a hospital or mortuary.